Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Fabulous February!

February is a short month usually, but it felt like it flew by!  We started out with a PTA meeting - where Jace FOUND his lost Pokemon binder!!!  He had left it from the last meeting in January.  This picture says how excited he was!  PTA is going well - and I'm looking forward to passing on the baton!  I have loved getting to know new people and becoming more involved with the kids school and district on a different level.  But, my what a busy job!  
 I went on a Girls Night Out to see La La Land.  I have become quite obsessed with it and the music.  I bought the piano music and love playing it.  I listen to the soundtrack when I make dinner each night.  Kaley has started playing the music on piano as well.  It is beautiful!
 BYU Basketball is a staple in our Winter activities.  

 Playing games at Grandma's house with cousins is the best!
 Pokemon is a VERY big deal at our house right now.  The boys spread them out, organize them, trade them, talk about them, and dream about them.  They take them to school to show their friends (which is how they get lost).  There is such a funny language that goes on between the boys!  I am glad that they have this one more thing to keep them talking to each other and bonding - even if I don't get it!  ;)
 In Young Womens, we had our New Beginnings activity.  This is where we introduce the theme for the year, share info about the YW program, and introduce our new Beehives for the year!  I just love it!  The girls with the head flowers are the new Beehives that will turn 12 this year!  They are SO tiny!  

 Valentine's Day prep at our house!  I let the kids choose something fun off Pinterest that I could easily print and buy a small treat to go with it.  I love how they turned out!  
 Sophie got to make a box - she choose a Princess Poppy - she LOVES all the pink and glitter!  She made this all by herself!  I did the hot glue, but she designed and cut everything out!  Love her!

 Jace is a master creator!  He built himself a minion!  

 Kaley's first experience with papier mache.  I was impressed with her finished product!  It really took her about a week to complete the whole thing!
 True Thomas fashion - a basketball hoop!
 We had a fun combined YM/YW!  We played The Amazing Race.  Our cute Mia Maid leaders planned THE best activities!  I was stationed at the gross food station.  The kids had to eat spicy cheetos, Spam, sweet relish, a cup of lemon juice and a chicken/vegetable baby food that was the WORST!!!  The room smelled disgusting!  I was surprised at some of the kids that just gulped icky food down, and the ones that were whimps and wouldn't even smell the food!  I laughed pretty hard the whole night!  

 We had a scary experience with our fire place.  We were sitting watching TV one night around 9:30, and heard a loud pop!  We turned on the lights and the fire place glass had shattered!  The fire was off, thankfully, and had been off since 3 pm, so we really aren't sure how it happened.  It has taken FOREVER to get the replacement here though.  
 I took the kids to Thanksgiving Point with cousins one day.  We stopped for lunch at Wendys and then got a treat a The Baked Bear.  I had heard good things about this yummy place, and we HAD to check it out!  They make ice cream sandwiches with cookies - all kinds, and brownies.  They use different kids of ice cream inside.  It was a yummy stop!
 Clarissa and I snap chat each other often.  She sent me this one of Kaley one day.  
 The kids walked over to the High School to see a play.  I loved seeing all these bundled up kids walking down the street. 

 Kaley gave her first talk in church!  She looked so grown up!  She was totally nervous, but she did great!  She spoke on friends and the guidelines in For The Strength of Youth.
 We celebrated 13 years of marriage in February.  The girls begged me to try on my wedding dress and I eventually conceded.  

 I had a huge moment when I helped Kaley register for class for SEVENTH grade!  I still hyperventilate about it if I think about it for too long...  It's crazy!
 Dr. Seuss week - crazy hat day.  
 I love seeing Jace's artwork displayed in his classroom.  His teacher is SO good to show off ANYTHING he makes for her.  This is a giant M.  I think it's adorable.  

Monday, February 13, 2017

YW Annual Retreat - January 27 & 28, 2017

We had our Annual YW Retreat in January.  I just LOVE this time with the YW.  It's kinda like camp, but in the winter.  It is a great chance for the girls to come together, feel the spirit and BOND!  We went with the theme from the church leaders "Ask of God, Ask in Faith."   We threw the mustache theme in there because it was cute!  I am more a simple party thrower, so the decor was minimal.  
We started by going to the temple together to do baptisms.  It was a wonderful kick off, and the spirit was felt!  We headed back to the church for dinner.  Then we did our mini workshops.  

 Snow cones for a fun drink! 

 I taught my workshop about the importance of the temple.  I gave the girls sunglasses to help them remember to keep their sights on the temple.  Don't they look great?!  
 We had a few other workshops too.

 Then we got in a circle and played SIGNS!  It's our tradition!  We LOVE this game - it is played every girls camp, every Retreat and a lot of times inbetween!  It gets loud, and the girls just BOND.

 One of our Laurel leaders offered her house for the sleep over part!  She has a beautiful home with a finished basement, it was perfect!  We had a couple more workshops, and played BINGO.  Then the party part started!  We played Just Dance, did karaoke and ate treats!  

 It's hard for me to sleep at things like this - especially when I feel like I am responsible for the girls.  So I stayed up all night visiting with the other leaders.  It is one of my favorite nights!  The Bishop came over and had breakfast with us and taught us a little more about Faith.  

Our last workshop was a service project.  We made little dresses for girls in Africa.  So cute!
Have I told you how much I LOVE having Kaley in YW with me?!  It makes YW activities THAT much more meaningful!

I felt like it was such a success!  We have 32 YW, and we had 28 of them able to come for at least part of the Retreat!  Such a BIG deal!  I love having these girls in my life!  I feel so blessed to be able to Lead them, Guide them and Walk beside them!