Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Disneyland!!! Part 1

This is the beginning of our EPIC trip to Disneyland!!!  We gave our family a trip for Christmas and we counted down the days until January 10!!!  We got up early, early Sunday morning and drove all the way to California!!!  We got there fast and were excited to be able to visit the beach before dark! The pics are blurry because our kids were crazy excited and it was getting dark! 

 The beach is our happy place!  

We stayed at Homewood Suites by Disneyland.  Our room had a kitchen, so I fixed dinner at the hotel that night.  We got our bags ready, watched a movie and headed to bed!
Up bright and early!  Our hotel breakfast was super awesome!  They had quite the spread!  We walked to Disneyland because we were too excited to wait for the shuttle!  

 We got there around 9, then waited in line to get into the park.  The park gates opened at 9:30, then we waited in front of the Adventureland street.  We had it all planned out!  We were going to do Indiana Jones, then Pirates and then Splash Mtn.  Those were the big rides we were thinking we would do that day, and anything extra was going to be bonus!  We had talked to so many people that had us nervous that we wouldn't be able to ride very many rides each day.  I think we went at the perfect time of year!  It was not super busy - it was busy, but not like I had heard it could be...  
We got into the Adventureland, and Indiana Jones was closed temporarily, so we did Pirates right away!  It was the perfect way to start our Disneyland trip!  We played at Tarzan's treehouse, we went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - our favorite, and Splash Mountain!  ALL within the first hour we were there!  Whoa!  

 Waiting in the long line for Peter Pan's Flight.  It was the perfect time to have a snack!
 We rode the MonoRail.  Got an awesome pic by Matterhorn!

 Then we headed to Tomorrowland!  We ate our lunch over there, and then rode more rides!  Here we are in Star Tours

 Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters!  We loved this one!  Another one we just walked on to!  No wait!

 Finding Nemo Submarine!  I love this one!  It's amazing the things that Disney can do!  

 Cousins met up with us after their school that day too!  It was so fun to see them!  

 The cousins rode Astro Orbiter together!

 By then, Indiana Jones was open, so we went to ride it!  I knew Jace was going to be too short for this one, so I brought socks to stuff in his heels of his shoes and spiked his hair - but he was still 1/4 in too short!  :(  Josh took him to get a sucker while they waited.  

 Then we rode the Matterhorn!
Pooh's Honey Pot ride...
 Oh the sunsets!

 We made the kids go on It's A Small World.  I loved it!  It was still decked out with Christmas decor, and they sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas WITH It's a Small World!  It was adorable!  
 We had corndogs and chicken strips with fries for dinner.  These were the BEST corndogs I've ever had!  I don't usually like corndogs, but I am still dreaming about having these again!  ;)
 We found a spot for the Paint The Night Parade behind some nice ladies.  

 Then we walked over to watch the Disneyland Forever fireworks show.  It was spectacular!  
 We took the shuttle back to the hotel, and got off too early, so we still ended up walking half the way home.  Soph and Bells could barely make it up to the room.  

 What an amazing first day!  I was surprised how much we were able to do in one day!  I think we only didn't do a couple of rides that first day.  It had me wondering what we were going to do on the 2nd day there!  It was truly magical!  I wasn't sure how the other 3 days were going to compare - this one was just so perfect!