Saturday, September 03, 2016

Baseball Season 2K16

We survived another baseball season!  It was long, late nights at the ball fields, lots of concession stand treats, lots of popsicles to keep cool, blankets and sweatshirts for late games, baseball hats, cleats, and never ending laundry of dirty baseball pants!  
These girls make friends wherever they go!  This is one of our friends' older daughter.  They looked through all her pictures on her phone the whole game!  

 Thomas' team - 2nd year on the Brewers team.

 T played 1st base the most this season.  He got pretty good at it!

 Then there were those couple games where my heart stopped working because his coach put him in at pitcher!  He did well, but I really had a hard time watching!!!

 These girls were on the same team this year!!!  Miracle!!!

Summer 2K16 - Part 7

The last couple days of Summer were filled with last minute fun!  We went to Bridal Veil Falls with cousins.  These kids sure adore each other!

 Love all my colorful dots up the falls!

 These two.  Love their faces.

 Sawyer finds rocks to throw EVERYWHERE we go!  

 These two were best buddies all Summer - this outing was no difference.  
 Find fish!

 Sometimes I take pictures of moments to remember how these little people are.  Jace sits this way.  He loves blue doritos.  He wears his watch every day - but doesn't tuck the band into the second holder part.  Can his little legs stay chicken legs forever, please?

 Right after this moment - Sawyer was stung by a bee or something, because he swelled up.  Outing ended.  He was a trooper though!  He does love his Thom-o.

 Everywhere we went this Summer, T would find disgusting dead fish.  It's kind of his MO.  This was the Paul Ream Wilderness Park in Provo.  It was a beautiful little gem of a park!  We met the neighborhood there and had a lovely time.  
 These are the Roach boys: Kaders, Easton, Bryson, and then T's friend Chase.  A bunch of blondies! The Roach boys follow T around like he is the coolest thing.  T LOVES these boys!  He is like a big bro to them!  It's quite adorable!  Sometimes, Kade will come ask if Thomas can play.  It does my Momma heart good!

 The girls played a game in the grass.
 While the boys hunted ducks and dead fish. ;)