Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter Saturday was a marathon day!  We started with the SF Egg Chase!  The kids all scatter to their fields, and it is wonderful!  Kaley is too old for this one now, so she gathered coupons from the people passing them out.  I went to the field with Danielle and her littles.  

 We came back to our house after for the Neighborhood Egg Hunt at 10 am.  I love hosting this!  
I had to snap a few pics of Sawyer sniffing my tulips.  Such a sweetie!

 All the kiddos!  
 Maddox was the winner of the "younger group" Golden Egg!
 The Big Kids' search!
 Thomas found the golden egg! 
 I loved seeing all the kids scattered on the grass checking out the loot!

 After a tiny rest, we headed up to Sandy for a party at Grammie and Pops' house.  We had a cousins egg hunt!

 The silver egg was found by Bella!  It was hidden UP a drain!

 Thomas had his heart set on finding that golden egg!  It was the trickiest one to find!
 After a long time of them searching, we started giving them clues.  (The egg is INSIDE one of those diapers on the porch!)

 Climbing trees!
 We had a BBQ, and the kids just played.  

 Sunday was a lovely day!  I love taking pictures in their Easter best!  I really can't believe how grown up they are all looking!

 The sun was pretty bright that morning - they were all giggling at their squinty, watery eyes.

 Favorite family picture!  I am so thankful for my forever family!