Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bella 3rd Grade Track Meet

Bella's original track date was a couple weeks ago, but it was rained out.  It was moved to the day after Thomas'!  So 2 track meets in 1 week!  I love watching this social little butterfly!  She runs with a cute crowd of kids at all times!  This was Bella's first Track Meet, and she ROCKED it!  

 She ran the 400m first - it was LONG!  She did pretty good!

 Then we went to see B do the standing long jump.  She ended up jumping 66 1/2 inches.  We thought that was amazing!  Then we heard at the end that she took FIRST PLACE out of all the schools!!!!  Wahoo!!!  

 I snapped this pic right after Bells jumped, and I'm super glad I did!  Josh was there to watch her jump her heart out!  She was beaming!  
 She ran the 200m next!

 Relay girls!  

 Super proud of this leggy, smiley 3rd grader!  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thomas 5th Grade Track Meet

Thomas had a great track meet this week!  He jumped 70 inches in his long jump.  

 Thomas and his best friend Tate.
 T ran the 100 and the 200.  He did great!

 With his fan club!  

 Relay team!

 Love this handsome boy!  

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Arrow Of Light

Thomas worked his tail off to earn his Arrow of Light before he turned 11!  So the pack night in May, he received the Arrow!  Wahoo!!!  His leaders, the Pynes, are fantastic!  Thomas loves scouts and loves all things outdoor, so this was really not that hard for him to accomplish!  More just keeping track of everything he already does! 
 They did a cute candy bar themed Arrow ceremony for T.  His smile just got bigger with each candy bar he was handed!