Tuesday, January 02, 2018

All the things we CRAM into December!

December was a SUPER busy month!  Here are some of the highlights!
Danielle and I build bunk beds!  We were super proud of ourselves!  We worked almost every Tuesday and Thursday after Zumba.  The boys helped us a couple of Saturdays too.

Birthday dinner in Sandy for Izzy and Kaley.
Kaley and Grandma with her finished 10 hour project quilt!
Kaley's cute friends decorated her locker for her birthday.

I took her pizza and donuts for lunch that day!
Soph and Chloe practicing their Christmas duet.  Just LOVE these two girls!

We babysat our friends' 4 kids while they went to Arkansas for a family party for their adopted 1 year old baby.  We love the Roach kids!

Kaley and I went for birthday pedicures!  
Notes like these on beds make my heart so happy!

So thankful for awesome scout leaders for T!  
We have been babysitting this piano for a year and a half, and it's new home was finished being built, so we sent it on it's way!  I'm glad to have my piano room back!
Lots of rehearsals for The Messiah.  I roped Lyss into joining a choir with me for Christmas.  It was so fun!  I have totally missed singing with a choir.  This was super challenging and totally rewarding!  And I got to do it with my sister!  Best!

More bed!  Coming along!

Notes like this in Church! Jace is the best artist!  Note the X for wrong, and the check mark for right! 
Performance time!

Gingerbread building with my YM/YW.  Sure love these kids!

Shopping with Izzy!  

Class parties!
Bella's cute friend, Taylor Jensen, moved in December too!  We have missed her!  She was one of my piano students and her mom was my YW secretary!  They are missed!
Our BIG present for Christmas this year was a HOT TUB!!!  We have LOVED this present!  

BYU game fun!
Jace and Bentley!
BRACES OFF DAY!!!  Kaley had her braces on for less than a year!  She got them on in January and they were taken off in December!  Woot!!!  

During Christmas break, we went to see the Harry Potter shops at South Towne mall in Sandy.  

Trying on Grammie's wedding dress.
Pitch Perfect 3 GNO!
Kjersta came to visit during the break!

Dinner out to Brick Oven when Don and Jill were in town!

New Year's Eve in Jerome!  We went up there for Alex's farewell!  He is headed to Guam!  

We went to visit Trish and her soon to be new family in Twin!  She is engaged to Ken Johnson and he has 7 kids!  We went to go meet our new cousins!  We lined them up and introduced them Sound of Music style! ;)

These two cuties are twins!  

We played games all night!  We ate, laughed, and totally enjoyed being there!

I brought a Escape Room game for the group to play.  It was so fun! 

We played Bean Boozled!  What a hilarious and disgusting game!

We watched the "ball" aka Big Potato drop!  Only in Idaho!
Out of order: Kaley's birthday pictures!  She's 13!!!  I officially have a teenager!  

Piano Recital!  I am so proud of my students!  

Kaley had her choir concert too!

Phew!  What a crazy, fun month!  :)