Friday, June 01, 2018

May Everything!

You know how the month of May is around here!  This will be a loonggg post about May events!  Uploading these pics, I'm not even sure how we did all of this in one month!  

Bella had her track meet day!  Love this social girl and all the giggling girls that follow!

Piano Recital!
I rented the Angelus Theater in town for our Spring Recital this year!  My students all played movie songs.  It was such a fun night!  It was busy though!  We went straight from piano to baseball!  That is May!!!

Thomas had his track meet!  I took him out to lunch after with Tate and his mom.  

Lots of school activities!
I threw a party for the 6th graders as part of Spirit Day.  We had pizza and sodas, then I took a pic for the yearbook!  

Kaley had her end of year choir concert.  They sang British songs - it was a fun concert!

Her YW group came to support her!  Cuties!
J earned his Wolf a couple months early!

Baseball in May is bipolar!  We froze for some of the games! 
Long-hair lovelies.
Thomas and Tate did a fishing class through the city.  Thomas fell in a time or two and froze his tail off, but they had fun!

These girlies had a great Spring Soccer season!  
Our RS and YW did a combined activity where Dave Acosta came to teach us self-defense and about active shooter situations.  It was so cool!  Kaley was one of his demonstrators.  It scared her a little bit, and when she sat down she burst into tears!  It made her nervous to think about something like that happening to her, but I was proud of her for going up there and trying!  Better to be prepared!

We went to watch Bubba play soccer one Saturday.

We practiced and sang a lovely Mother's Day song with the Primary, YM, and YW!  Literally NO dry eyes!
Homemade goodies to sell on the corner!
Soccer Recognition Night!  Kaley's team was Champs!

We did something a little crazy!  We decided since Seven Peaks in Provo was closed, and was switching owners, it was going to be too expensive for us to do our usual Summer activity.  We decided to buy a pool!  We got the ground ready, moved some grass up a couple tiers.  

Jace and Bryson started a window well cleaning company.  They clean a bunch of wells!  Good boys!

Baseball french fries and friends are the best!!!
We got Mom a wheelchair so she could get around and be able to come to Thomas' ordination. 
Josh, Thomas and I read the whole Book of Mormon on our own April 10-May 10!  In one month!  

My newly turned 12-year old fit this description perfectly!  I read To Kill A Mockingbird for book club, and this was in it!  The first paragraph!  Mostly the "appetite was appalling" - that's T!

T took a couple friends to Hang Time for his birthday party.  These 3 are the best!

One of his presents was going to a BYU basketball camp.  He was thrilled!

I went on a WET field trip with Jace and Sophie!  We hiked Bridal Veil Falls trail, and it rained on us the whole time!

We ate lunch in the warm, dry bus!

We had the best bus driver again!  He lets the kids play with these horse shoe trick chain.  

We dried a little, and went to the Bean Museum.

Birthday treat for T - peanut butter bars :)
Mother's Day and Thomas' ordination day!

Step 2 in Operation Summer Fun, was pouring cement for the pad under the pool!

YW activity in the parking lot!
One of the last days of school!
More baseball!  Notice the blankets and jackets! 

Set 3 - assemble the POOL!!!  
Step 4 - FILL IT UP!

End of 6th grade stuff for Thomas!

Talent Show at the school!

Awards assembly for Kaley!

Elephant Ears!
Kaley didn't go to Lagoon Day so we hung out, shopped, ate lunch out and went to Fiiz instead!
I remember when I hated it when my mom did "high pony tails" in my hair because it wasn't cool!  Now, that's all my girls want!  
Let SUMMER begin!!!  Pool playing for DAYS!!!!

Josh and I went to the Sealing of our good friends, the Roaches.  They added an new adopted baby, Tilly to their crew! 

We started Summer out right, by going on a Memorial Day hike!  We went to the Julie Andrew's Field up AF Canyon. The flowers were beautiful!

Camp Prep YW activity

Best Summer Ever
Lots of baseball practicing!

Thomas and I built this towel rack for our pool towels!