Friday, November 11, 2016


We had a lovely Halloween week!  We had a party at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Kaysville the Saturday before Halloween.  
I just LOVED how Sophie's costume turned out!  I went to DI and found a cute black skirt and a cute gray coat.  I made her little hat, and found a carpet bag.  She was practically perfect in every way!  Those eyelashes though!!!
Kaley wanted purple lipstick with her witch costume.  

Lolee and Kaley - prettiest witches I've ever seen!  

Lumber Jack -T; Candy Striper - B; Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep - Soph and Jace; Witch - Kaley.

The cousins!

Bobbing for apples

Monday - school day!  
School parade!  If the route looks a little different this year, it is!!!  The kids paraded around the ball field across the street instead of around the school. 

I helped with the party in Bella's class this year.  
My friend sent me this pic from the twins' party.  
Trick or Treating!!!  Look at these cuties!

I am OBSESSED with how these two look!!!  They asked to be this pair this year!  I basically leaped on it!  They have never wanted to be a coordinating couple costume - hello - where's the fun of being boy/girl twins if you don't play to it once in a while?!

We started trick or treating about 5:30 and were done before 8!  Jace was complaining his feet hurt and walking barefoot because his shoes were bugging him.  Soph was just exhausted!  The rest of them just wanted to get home and count the loot!  It was a great Halloween!!!