Friday, September 22, 2017

DC Trip - Part 3

We went to church with Jar and David on Sunday.  We stopped at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial on the way back from church.  

More cool windows!

The view from the TOP!

A little later, we went to the Washington Cathedral.  It was started in 1907, and completed in 1990.  But it has the cool architecture of a much older cathedral.  It looked pretty cool on the outside, but little did I know that it would be my favorite stop of the trip!  

When we got inside, there was music - a choir singing.  We thought that was pretty quaint.  Well, then I realized that it was a real choir - real organ - and I was having seriously real goosebumps!  It was incredible.  The light came through those windows and I was swooning.  The lighting, the music, the building and those acoustics!!!  I was totally geeking out!

The choir is sitting on the sides in purple.  

Then we went up stairs to see more cool things!

There were beautiful gardens all around the cathedral.

More goosebumps as we went to Arlington National Cemetery.  What a sacred place!

Changing of the guard.

Memorial Amphitheater

Kennedy graves

That night, after dark, we went to the 911 Pentagon Memorial.  This was a super cool place.  I didn't know what to expect at this memorial, but I was blown away.  The time and thought that went into this memorial was neat.  So if you do ever go, go at night.  You call into a number and listen to the story of the flight that crashed into the Pentagon.  It tells of the individual people and each of their stories, ages and how they are memorialized.  
Each person who died has their own memorial bench.  From afar, they look like little green hills.  They are lit up with a tiny water section under each bench.  It was beautiful.

We went to the Air Force Memorial last.  Another super cool one to see at night, all lit up!