Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Memories!

I love when I walk past the gym at the school and I see T in there with a bunch of friends.  His school has "Ram Rewards" - they get them for good behavior, good deeds and other type things.  Thomas saves his every time to pay for playing basketball in the gym on Fridays.  He lives for basketball!
Cute Jace and Sophie's class! 
Family night at the school play ground!  We wanted to play tennis, but the courts were all being used, so we headed over to the school yard to hit balls against the back wall.  Good times!

I sure love these kiddos on Jace's basketball team!  Brayden, Dax, Gage, Bryson and Jace
Laurel activity one night at Provo Rec Center - we went and tried a AquaZumba class!  It was awesome!!!  We laughed so hard!  It was a great work out!
Kaley at her Choir Concert at the end of term.  Believe it or not, she is wearing MY dress!  It kills me that she can wear some of my clothes!  
Bunch of cute ladies!
Family run one afternoon!  

We babysat the Roach kids so Nat and Nik could go pick up Baby Tilly from Arkansas!  We love that family and their cute kids!

Kaley was sworn into the National Junior Honor Society.  What a good girl she is!  

Josh was released from his calling as Ward Clerk in February, I think... Our Bishopric was released at the end of March.  We have loved this Bishopric!  With Josh and mine callings, we have worked so closely with them, and learned so much from them!
Jace had Pinewood Derby!  He was pretty proud of his car!  

Baptisms for the dead!  
I hesitate to even post these, but it was life and we lived it!  Dani and I tried to dye our hair and it went BAD!  We were oompa lumps!  Orange hair!!!  Yikes!  We tried to fix it, and I think it worked on mine for a minute, and now I don't like it at all.  We will try one more thing before we end up sucking it up and going to a pricey salon to get it really fixed. ;)

One of our great YW, Ellie came and talked to us about her story with depression and anxiety.  She was amazing!  The girls were so kind to her and really asked her questions.  I think so many of these girls have some of the same struggles, so it was good for all of us to hear how she has been able to get through this trial!
I loved this pic of T and Bryson getting home from school one day.  T really is a big brother to a bunch of boys in the neighborhood.  
4th Grade field trip to the Capitol Building in SLC.  I love going on these fun field trips with my kids!  

Spanish Fork Easter Egg Scramble!  We've got this down pretty pat!  

Soph won a basket this year.  :)

Easter Egg Hunt between Conference Sessions with family

This General Conference was a pretty neat experience!  We we able to sustain a new prophet!  President Russell M Nelson!  We loved standing in our living room and raising our right hands to sustain our new prophet!  We also got 2 new apostles, Elder Gong and Elder Soares.  Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching is changing to Ministering, and a temple in RUSSIA was announced!  Big things!  We are SO grateful to have this true gospel right now!  What a great blessing!  
Josh was able to take Thomas to the Conference Center for the Priesthood Session too!  Such a neat thing!  I can hardly believe that he is almost 12!!!