Monday, December 31, 2018

December - Part 3: Christmas Day

I am so looking forward to the days when the kiddos will sleep in past 6:30 am for Christmas morning!!!  We were up early to start the day!  Thomas was up in the night claiming that he couldn't sleep!  He was killing me!  He works himself up about having to fall asleep quick, and then keeps himself up because he's so anxious!  What a kid!

We forgot to take a picture on Christmas Eve in new pjs, so we did one first thing in the morning - bad idea.  We all have puffy morning faces!  Oh well!  It was documented!  And yes, the star was like that all month!  It just kept sagging! 
I love seeing all the surprised faces and excitement from them over their presents!

For sibling gifts this year, we decided to give the boys 'X' amount for the girls, and the girls 'X' amount for the boys.  Then I went with the boys and Josh went with the girls to shop for their siblings.  It was fun to see them really thinking about something to get for their sister or brother that would make them really happy!  Soph really wanted a back massager - weirdo - so the boys found her one!  She was so excited!
The girls surprised Jace with a basket hoop trash can for his room.  It really hit his funny bone!  The funniest part was that they trick wrapped it in a big box, so he was going crazy wondering what it could be.  

We went to Sandy for more Christmas fun.

Dad and Jace working on a chemistry project.