Thursday, January 05, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve was non-stop FUN!  We had the Annual Hayes Christmas Eve Party at the roller rink. It is fun to catch up with cousins and family!  The kids go crazy skating around and playing on the bouncy toys.  

 Santa came to visit too!

 The last song is ALWAYS the Hokey Pokey!

 We went back to Grandma's house for Johanna's baby blessing.  David's family all came and it was a party!

 Then we had our first annual Cox Cousins Talent Show.  It was adorable.  

 Uncle David did some balloon art for us!

 We got home late, made a quick dinner, did our own Christmas Eve story/singing time.  New jammies and then time for bed!  

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

2nd Grade Christmas Program

I can't believe this is the last 2nd Grade Christmas Program with MY kids in it!  I was once again reminded how completely different my twins are.  Sophie was a HAM the whole time - smiling and putting her own cutesy flare to it.  Jace - barely made it through.  He smirked - the closest I could get to a smile - maybe twice.  He does NOT enjoy the attention in this capacity.  

 Sophie is top, second one in.  Jace is bottom, second one in.
 "I've got a hunch that it's going to be a nice, nice Christmas!"

 "Me and my friends are hanging out..."

 UGH.  I was SO bugged at these people that sat right in front of me.  They came late, and asked to take these seats - which were filled by small kids.  It made my photo options less than desirable.  

 "Polka dots and pixels and a backwards day!"

 There's the smirk!  :)

I just LOVE going to these cute programs!  I will sure miss them as these kiddos grow up!