Friday, July 08, 2016

End of School Parties!

There was a lot of hoopla around the last week of school!  I went over for the end of the year assembly.  The Student Action Council was recognized, but Kaley was sick on the last day of school, so she missed it!  This was a group of students that were including and friendly to all.  Kind of an anti-bully group.  Kaley had a lot of fun with them!
 These are the teachers that are not coming back next year!  Our principal included!  We had 2 of these teachers this year and are sad to see them go!  On to bigger and better things!  
 Mrs. Muirbrook is in the middle of all those almost 900 kids!

 Bella and Mrs. Woodhouse!
 Soph and Jace with Mrs. Cheever!
 T with Miss Brassfield!  - Thomas staged a "high school musical"-esque summer paper throw when the final bell rang!  
 Since Kaley was gone, her sisters stepped in for her to get a picture with her teacher, Mrs. Gardner!
 I helped with Jace and Sophie's end of the year party.  I did a "duck duck goose" style game, "drip drip DUNK!"  It was a hit!

 I also planned the party for Kaley's class.  We did a few games with water balloons and also an egg toss.  It really was hilarious!  It is so fun to do parties with the older kids!  

 Bella's grade did a Caine's Arcade.  Each kid made an arcade game on their own and then everyone could come play it!  Bells made a "whack a bear" game.  All decorated by her!

 Bella and Mrs Oviatt - her BYU student teacher.
 Just a end of school picture with these cute girls!  I hope they're best friends forever!  
Kaylie, Kaley, Hannah, Madi, and Bella.

Piano Olympics

I had a group lesson/party/recital in May for my piano students.  We did an Olympic theme.  We did Keys: our performance part - each student played 2 songs. 
Notes: a review game of notes.  You know, the game where you switch seats if you have that kind of note?  It was super cute!

Intervals: they paper plate-skied in a circle, grabbing interval cards off the table on one end.  When all the cards were gone, they had to add up their intervals to see how many points they got.  

The other parts were:
Rhythm - it was like the game Telephone but with a rhythms!  Pretty funny!
Terms and Symbols:  This one was a balloon activity where they had to swat the balloon back and forth between a partner.  When it fell, they had to come "battle" with each other and see who could tell me what the symbol was the fastest.  

I sure do love teaching these kiddos!  I have 15 students, and they do keep me busy!  :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

School Talent Show

Kaley and Bella participated in the end of the year talent show at the school.  Bella and her friends made up a dance during recesses, and they performed it!  I really didn't know what to expect!  They got together once outside of school to practice it...  So I was nervous!  I'm just sure glad she has these cute friends!  Madi, Brylee, Libby, and Bella!

 Kaley also performed.  She did NOT really want to do it!  There was no one from her class that was going to be in it, so the music teacher just asked Kaley to "try out" and of course, her class voted her in!  She played Adele's Hello.  She was super nervous and had a break down a couple days before.  We had a good heart to heart and I took her on a little date to choose a new outfit and we curled her hair.  She borrowed a pair of my earrings, and she was good to go!  She did amazing!  I was so proud of her!