Thursday, August 16, 2007

July pictures

Wow! What a crazy, fun month! I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures from our adventures! We are all settled into our new house in Spanish Fork. We are getting to know our neighbors and the people in our new ward. We get to put in another yard and sprinkler system for this house as well. Josh is looking forward to that! :)

We have some exciting news! We are expecting #3!!! The baby is due in February! We are very excited! I am starting to feel better, so hopefully we are out of the morning sickness thing!

I have read so many books this summer! I have completely enjoyed the Harry Potter series all over again so that I could be ready for the 7th book! I also read the Stephenie Meyer books - Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. These have been my favorites! I read the Meyer books at Island Park just this past week! They were so fun!

Thomas is walking everywhere now! He is so happy that he can keep up with Kaley and chase her around! They are so cute together! Kaley is learning new things everyday! We are hoping to start potty training her this week! She is excited to learn "big girl" things! We have bribed her with cousin time if she will wear big girl underwear and go on the potty! Let's hope it works!

Thomas' surgery

Thomas had tubes put in his ears in July! He did very well. The procedure was quick - only lasting 15 minutes. He was grumpy and hungry when he came out of surgery. We were ready with treats and a big drink! The tubes have helped for sure!

Redfish Lake

We went to Redfish at the begining of July and had a blast! The kids loved playing in the sand and the water. We took a boat ride, and played with the paddle boats. Fun summer vaca!

Redfish Lake - more

Jerome, ID

While we were in Jerome visiting Papa and Grandma, Thomas learned how to walk!!! Yea! He doesn't crawl anywhere now! Always on the go!

New House

Here are some pics of our new house before we moved in. The blue tape on the walls are the places we wanted them to touch up.

Moving Day!

On July 21st, we moved from our Eagle Mountain home to our brand new home in Spanish Fork! We love our new house! Our new address is 367 S. 1230 W. Spanish Fork, Ut 84660

24th of July

We go to the Bees game every Pioneer Day with Putnams. This year, we invited the Annens - good friends and next door neighbors from Sandy. Good Times!

Haley's Bridal Shower

This is the Triangle of Trust! We all have rings now! Haley got married August 9th! Yea! Kjersta is expecting twin girls, and is due in November! So fun!