Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bella's pig tails

Little Bella Rose is in the midst of the baby mullet stage of baby hair! Today we tried pig tails! I LOVE how they turned out! She is just such a sweet girl!

The Zoo

Josh has been out of town, so I have been planning things to keep the kids busy and tired! Wednesday, we went to the Zoo! It was literally a ZOO! There must have been 20 different schools there on field trips! We still got in quite a bit of fun though! The first stop was the monkeys! These two monkeys were very social! Kaley and Thomas enjoyed playing with them! Bella was so excited, she really couldn't contain it!

Watching the elephants - it was at this point that someone there asked me if all three of the kids were mine! When I told her we were expecting twins at the end of the summer, she laughed and said I would have my hands full! Oh, the comments I get! :)
Bella is at the perfect age to take to the Zoo! She still rides in a stroller, but can see everything!!! She loved all the animals! I loved hearing her shriek at each thing she saw!

My little monkeys!
The leopard was up and walking around! He was pacing right in front of the window! We had the best spot in the house! Thomas loved it!

Our location for the Tiger was not as great. I had the kids stand on the stroller to watch the tiger move around. Thomas wanted to see the tiger the most! He did get to watch him pace around a few times, so it was a good day!
We went to the Bird Show. Our kids have not been big enough to dare try the bird show, but this year, I was brave! Bella loved watching the birds fly through the sky! I think she enjoyed it the most out of everyone! She even saw the little ones that would run back and forth in the back ground while the bird guy was talking! I was impressed! Thomas was pretty indifferent - he just liked sitting! Kaley liked the birds, and listened to what the bird guy had to say, but she was less than impressed with the big colorful bird that just screamed. If you have been there, you will know what I mean. :)
And of course, the inevitable crash! Bella zonked before we made it down the hill to the stoplight!
When we got home, Kaley set up her little posse, and fell asleep as well! Thomas took a great nap too! Maybe the Zoo could be a daily thing?!

Island Park - Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, we went up to Island Park with Josh's family. It was a quick trip, but worth it! The car rides were long and uncomfortable, but we had a great time there! The kids loved to throw rocks in the lake all day long!
This is Bella's way of pointing! It just cracks me up! She has a little clown in her sometimes!

This is Josh's favorite thing to do at Island Park, so I don't wonder where the kids get it from!
We didn't get a picture with everyone looking at the camera, but I love this one. I just love how the younger kids look at Kaley! So cute!
Awww, my happy place! I love to sit in the sunshine on the dock - even though this time it wasn't as easy to get back up!
Josh put a little log down for Bella, and she used it as a stool. She thought it was the greatest! Josh put a little pile of rocks right by her so she could still throw rocks too.

The kids found some chalk in one of the closets at the cabin, so they drew on the sidewalk for a bit.
Thomas' chalky face!
The boat was being fixed, but the ropes to tie it up were still there! They had fun trying to throw the ropes into the water and try to catch "fish" (sticks). There is a part in one of their favorite movies (The Heffalump Movie), where Roo yells, "In the name of the Hundred Acre Wood, I capture you!" That was what they yelled every time they threw the rope out into the water!

As we were cleaning up to leave, Grandma had some left over Cool Whip. The Grandkids took care of it! I think Grandpa may have helped! :)
They were nice enough to share with Bella.

The classic "leaving Island Park" pose. Can you believe we will be adding 2 more?! We had so much fun, and hope it won't be too long before we can go back!

Sunday - Big Springs

Thomas was obsessed with Aunt Tricia's camera! He was quite the photographer! I love how he is stooped down and trying to get the right angle!
These next pictures say it all! Kaley is ALWAYS running! I love the look on her sweet face! Oh to run like that again! :) (Note: Bella is watching...always watching...)
Our happy go-lucky Bella Rose, waving to Dad. Just content to be riding!
Thomas is a stud, some times with a scowl, camera in hand. Bella is watching...always watching... She really is his biggest fan! You can tell she adores him just by the look on her face!
Kaley and Aunt Trish, with Kaley being shy...
Our GROWING family! I love vacation family pictures! Josh is such a good sport to humor me! These are the priceless moments! I love my family!

Silly Faces in the car

To keep us entertained in the car, we took some silly face pictures. I remember taking some with Kaley when she was about 20 months old, and they are some of my favorite! These kids sure can be silly!