Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Year!

I wanted to remember a few things from our 2010 year!  

1.  We started the year out with a WEDDING!!!  We welcomed Emily into our family!  Drew and Em were married and we have loved getting to know Emily better and having another sister!  

2.  Our Bella turned 2!  I can't believe the change this year has brought for Bells.  She is such a big helper and great sister!  She loves to go to Zumba with Mom.  Her favorite thing to do is color and do puzzles.  She really could do them for hours!  She also learned how to ride a bike with training wheels!  Wahoo!  She is a talker and a singer!  She loves to groove and dance!  

3.  We took MANY trips to parks in the neighborhood.  The kids all loved riding their bikes, scooters and walking all over with Mom.  We are ALL happier outside!

4.  Kaley completed 2 dance semesters this year, and Bella did one with her.  We had all the classes at our house.  There were also 2 Dance Recitals this year!  Go Girls!  

5.  We made a trip or two to the Zoo.  Once with my Mom, and another was a crazy fun time with a girlfriend!  I still laugh about that day!  :)

6.  With our membership to Thanksgiving Point, we have used and abused our privileges there!  We spent many hours at the Farm, Gardens, Children's Gardens and the Dinosaur Museum!  Money well spent!

7.  Thomas turned 4!  This big guy is growing up WAY too fast!  I had him sit on my lap the other day to clip his fingernails, and realized his soft pudgy face is thinning, and he is turning into a big BOY!  He loves all things trains, dinosaurs, cars, puzzles, superheros, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, bikes, scooters and ANYTHING with Dad!  He is such a sweet brother.  He is loving his last year of preschool before he starts Kindergarten in the Fall.  (sniff, sniff)  He is a good singer and LOVES learning new songs.  He started Primary this year as a Sunbeam, and has loved it!

8.  We enjoyed a Memorial Day visit to Papa and Grandma in Idaho.  We always love visiting them, and the kids have such a fun time with Papa!  They love to have Grandma Del read them stories too!  

9.  We spent MANY hours with friends and family outside in the Summer months swimming, eating and enjoying each other's company.  Not to mention getting SWEET tans!  

10.  We survived Jace and Sophie getting tubes in their ears, and Thomas getting his taken out!

11.  We spent the 4th of July in Jerome and at Redfish for a family reunion.  We LOVED our time there and can't wait to go back this next year!!!!  

12.  Kaley and Thomas had their FIRST swim lessons this year and loved it!

13.  We had many campfires up the canyon with our little family.  It is our favorite tradition.  The kids just love searching for fire word and exploring the wilderness!  We usually eat our weights in s'mores!  MMmm....

14.  We went with the Cox side to Island Park in August.  We always love going up there and it never disappoints!  It is perfect!  Can't wait for our next Summer trip there!

15.  Our babies....What to say about Jace and Sophie.  They turned 6 mo, 9 mo, and then ONE YEAR!  This year has brought the most change to them!  They learned to roll, crawl, walk and run this year!  I have learned to give up on keeping drawers clean and cupboards organized.  They are emptied nearly every hour.  :)  We have the best babies!  Sophie is talking more and more.  Jace is well, grunting more and more...  :)  Jace continues to amaze us with his happy disposition and cutest little pouty sad face.  Sophie continues to amaze us with her amount of drama coming from her little body!  Oh heaven help me in the years to come!  These two are the best at getting into siblings toys, the best at ripping books, the best at dancing to the music, and the BEST at giving kisses and loves!  I think we'll keep them!  

16.  Kaley has also grown up quite a bit this year!  She graduated from preschool in the Spring. Next was a Summer full of playing.  Then came soccer!  She was great!  She loved just being outside and playing with all the girls!  She started Kindergarten this year, and loves her teacher Miss Miles.  She is a great student and we couldn't be prouder of her!  She is learning to read, and continues to love to write!  She is getting better and better with her letters and loves to sound out words.  This next year, Kaley will go into Senior Primary!  Our Primary is SO big, that some of the CTR classes are bumped up to Sr Primary a few years early!  She is so excited!  Kaley will also start Piano lessons in January!  Mommy can't wait!

17.  Fall brought fun times in the leaves, many bike rides, playing at the park, long days outside, field trips, campfires, and pumpkin fun!  We also took a trip to Idaho to play at Muldoon with Putnam's.  

18.  This winter has brought many hours out in the snow - shoveling and playing, BYU basketball games, indoor puzzles and games of Old Maid, lots of movies and LOTS of baking!

19.  This year I finally found an exercise routine that I can stick with.  I started Zumba with a friend in July and I am still doing it!  I can tell a difference in my mental health, and my scale is finally telling me nice things again!  :)  I managed to keep up with the blog - family history, check!  We see our families often - family relationships, check!  I feel like we, as a family are close as well!  I look back on all the fun things we have done, and all the hard times we have been through and think "I can do hard things!"  We have had a great year, and I am looking forward to this next one!  

20.  Josh did a wonderful job this year at keeping his wife sane.  We have had a fun week with him home this break.  This year, Josh had a job change.  Still with WF, but just a different position.  He is enjoying learning the ropes, and we loves having him just work in our little town!  He helps me get the kids to and from school, which saves me lots of sweat!  Josh has had good times with the Cubs Scouts in our ward.  There are 11 or 12, I can't remember, boys in his den.  I am super proud of him for all he does for our family!  

There you have it!  That is our 2010 in a nutshell!  I really was going to just do 10, but I got carried away!  I decided that since I keep up the blog well enough, that I was not going to do a Christmas card this year.  We can consider this it!  :)  

Happy New Year!!!  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

 Our day started not nearly as early as we thought it would!  We told the kids that they could come get us at 6, and Thomas didn't come in until 6:30!  Kaley acted a lot like a teenager when we tried to wake her up at 7!  She just wanted to stay in her warm bed.  Then she remembered it was Christmas!!!  

 We opened stockings...

 Santa put flashlights in the kids stockings this year.  They are a hit!
 Jace was obsessed with his little Reeses bells!  I kept taking them away from him, not wanting the first thing in his stomach to be sugar.  He kept finding them!  At one point, I saw something shiny in his mouth.  It was the empty bell foil wrapper!  He had melted and sucked the chocolate right out of the wrapper without me knowing!!!  What a stinker!  

 Thomas was thrilled with his football.
 Kaley's first Polly Pockets!  
 And a little football for Jace.
 Pretties for Sophie's hair.
 New crayons for my Bella
 Little farm animals for Jace and Sophie
 Thomas asked for a new church tie for Christmas.  He was so happy I remembered!
 Jace driving his tractor around.
 Something soft and fuzzy for Soph.
 She is so excited with her nail polish collection!
 More farm animals.

 Jace was having flash backs from jumping in the Fall leaves.  He played in the wrapping paper like they were leaves!

 Daddy and Sophie (Daddy is one of her favorite words!)

 Daddy insisted that this be the year Thomas got a Nerf gun.  Thomas loves it!  Mom...not so much.

 A new stroller for Mommy B.

 The Twins opening their present from Santa.....A Barn for all their animals!

 By the time we had opened up all the presents under the tree, Kaley and Thomas realized that they didn't open a present from Santa.  We joked saying that maybe they weren't good enough kids.  Thomas' eyes welled up with tears and he said, "But I asked for an all blue bike!"  We told them that maybe they just needed to look around....

Cut to the garage scene.....

 Kaley is excited for hand brakes (which I am not thrilled about....), a kick stand and a BIG bike!
 Thomas is excited for his "all blue bike" and that it is BIG!

Bella is just thrilled to have a bike!  She loves that it is pink!  
 Our after mess!

 Family picture!  

 More wrapping jumping!

 After playing with our toys, getting dressed and eating yummy pancake breakfast, we headed up to Putnam's for more fun!  
 Bella was hilarious this year!  She LOVED everything she opened and had to run over to pose for a picture for Grandma.  

 The big kids got Leapsters from Pop Pop and Grandma.  They were thrilled!

 My parents gave Josh and I canning stuff!  Wahoo!  And a new set of house phones!!!  We have had ours since I was a freshman at BYU!!!  We did buy another phone right when we got married, but that is still super old!  Everytime Mom and I talk on our land lines, my battery dies, or I can't hear anything she says.  It was MUCH needed!  
 We kids got together to give Dad a digital photo frame!  He was so excited!  
Drew and Thomas playing Legos.  Thomas has wanted his own Legos for forever!  He just loved that he had a buddy to put the airplane together for him!  Nobody else has been able to stand up to Uncle Drew's standard!  :)

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!!!