Sunday, May 30, 2010

Clarissa's Choir Concert

I went to Lyssa's end of the year choir concert with all 5 kids. Josh had cub scouts, so I braved it with just my mom and dad. The kids did pretty good. It is always fun to go to these because I see friends! I saw Brian "Rookie" and Melissa. They are always a favorite to see at these things! I am a little bit jealous, they will have sibling in choir for the next 4 or 5 years, and this is my last sibling! :(
The last 2 numbers, they invite the alumni to come up and join them. I took Bella up with me to alleviate my parents. She got a little bored and wanted to sit at my feet. What silly girl! She was starring at Clarissa, who was crying, and was very concerned!
A couple of pics of Lyss with her friends. These were sad hugs. I remember that my senior year in choir was rough, so I sympathized with her sad goodbyes.

Me and teary-eyed Lyss. :) I'm so proud of my baby sister! I am glad she did choirs, and enjoyed it! I was glad to have something in common this year! We are excited to go to Graduation this week. I am looking forward to the Fall, when I will have BOTH my sisters close!

Love you Lyss!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jumping Jacks

For the end of the year party, Ms. Heather treated the kids to Jumping Jacks! The kids had a great time! We went 2 days, one for Kaley and one for Thomas. It was great! The kids got so worn out! The picture above is Kaley with one of her BFFs Anna.
Thomas LOVED all the running and jumping!
Our babies were good troopers! Jace like watching all the action. Sophie got a little antzy toward the end.
Sweet Bells playing with some toys. She liked the slides and the jumping ones.

Here's brave Bella going down the BIG slide!

Kaley and Anna going down at the same time - Kaley on the left, Anna on the right.
The kids wanted to ride the merry-go-round, but I didn't have any quarters. So, Thomas decided to push them! I am amazed at this kid's strength!

This last picture is Bella, Kaley and her friend Kaitlyn.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kaley's Preschool Graduation

Cute Kaley on the stage, ready to get this thing started!!!

They had the carpets cleaned in the building, and didn't turn the air on, so it was like a muggy sauna in there! Thomas didn't like the smell, so he opted to listen to the performance from the doorway to the outside. :)
Dad and the babies feeling the breeze and trying to watch. :)
Getting started...
Mommy and Bella - she was so funny! She kept giving Kaley a "thumbs up" the whole time! She just wanted to get Kaley's attention and say, "Good job Kaley!"
Saying the Pledge of Allegiance
Saying their numbers 1-20 in English and Spanish. They also sang their "Days of the Week" song, and "Months of the Year" song.
Kaley, walking back to her seat after getting her award. She received the Excellence in Leadership award. SO PROUD!!!
Singing "Mr. Sun"
Kaley and her teacher, Ms. Heather
Our cute graduate, and VERY proud parents!

We are SO proud of Kaley! It has been so fun to watch her grow in preschool. She started as such a stage shy girl, and now loves to perform. She used to be so shy in front of people, and has blossomed into being comfortable in her class. She loves to learn! We are excited to start reading more and more with her. She loves to write her letters and LOVES to color! (I get a masterpiece at least once a day!) I can't believe that this baby will be in Kindergarten in 3 short months! Wow.

Love you, Girlfriend! So proud of you!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because It's Spring

I had to take a picture of my lovely lilacs! I open up our kitchen window and let the scented breeze come in! Even if it is a rainy day, I can smell the lilac blossoms and it lifts my spirits!

We have cheap entertainment around here. We got balloons for Thomas' birthday, and the babies love looking at them. I decided to tie them onto the babies so that they wouldn't keep floating away. It was a hit!

We also made strawberry jam this week! Our supply was getting low! Bella could eat jam plain if I let her! Thomas was LOVING snitching at the jam while he stirred.

Yesterday, we met Josh at the Farm. Josh was there golfing with work buddies, and we needed something fun to do in the good weather!
We got there just in time to help them milk the cow!!! Bella stood right by the lady and watched. The other kids helped!

They had darling baby goats there!!! They were so cute. It was funny to watch them run around a butt each other's heads.
We had to swing by the jail.
Last time we went, the kids were mad that they didn't get to play in the farming part. Kaley's OCD quickly took over, and she had us organizing and filing the "seeds."
Bella had fun putting all her "seeds" in the tire.

Then the kids got to ride the ponies! They were thrilled! They named each of their ponies Bulls Eye, like on Toy Story.

Thomas was mad that we forgot his cowboy hat! I guess he'll have to remember next time!