Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Summer Cousin Fun!

I have been trying new summer hair-dos for the girls lately. This is one that they love.
Last week, we went to the Dinosaur Museum with the cousins. We were quite the LARGE group!

Bottle time!
Digging in the wet sand

Thomas loves the hand dryer.

They thought it was pretty fun to climb all over this little dinosaur at the same time. If you look close, you can see the poor dino!
Kaley has news! She has a loose tooth! Here she is showing Aunt Chalae. At her dentist visit last week, the dentist also told her that her 6 year molars are coming in. She feels so grown up! She has been asking for weeks for a loose tooth! I can't believe she is that old!
The twins were really tired by lunch time! We took our picnic outside and enjoyed the shade.

We went up to Kaysville to swim with all the cousins Monday night for FHE. The kids had a blast!

Sophie loved to splash in the water, but was a little confused when it splashed up into her face!
Happy to play in the water!

Sliding in!

Lovin' the water!

Staci, Dave and their boys - I couldn't decide which one to post. I loved them both!

Grandpa and Chalae with Sophie and Myriam
Chalae, David and their Fam
Me and Sophie - her chin was quivering, so I helped her warm up!
Aw, my sweet girls!

This baby girl is adorable!
Soph and Jace eating their puffs
Bella was chilly, so I sent her to the sun to warm up and dry off. She looked so cute!
Hayes and Bella - they were being such cute little buddies during dinner.
The kid table
So sleepy babies

Staci made dirt with worms for the kids. Thomas was thrilled with his!

So glad you could come visit!

A Readers Digest Moment

I have MUCH to blog about, but for now I must share a Thomas Moment:

Yesterday, I took him and Bella into the Dr. I knew that they both had sinus infections, but you have to take them in to get the drugs. :)

Thomas told me that he wanted to go first so that he could show Bella how to be brave. He's sweet like that.

The Dr. came in, and checked all the usual spots. He said, "Thomas, you have acute sinusitis."

Thomas then pipes up and says, "I'm not a 'cute!' I'm a handsome sinutsitis!"

He does this alot. Boy are NOT cute. Boys are HANDSOME! Prepare to be corrected if you call anything "boy" cute.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!

Yesterday was my Dad's 50th birthday. We went up to celebrate! Jace was being a Go-Go so we tried to keep him contained a little. He could climb out of this bin in about 2 seconds! He is TOO quick!
Pop Pop showing Thomas some top spinning skills. Thomas thought it was the coolest thing!
Drew and Em came out to the party too! (I am always worried that my circus is going to make them never want to have kids!) :)
Sophie actually liked being in the laundry basket. She is very content to just sit. She didn't try to climb out or anything!
Ah, containment. Bless the person that invented the Exersaucer! It may be the only thing keeping me from duct-taping Jace to the wall! :)
We tied the balloons to Thomas and took him outside to see if he could float away.... like on Up.
Dad was surprised a work by balloons and a RIP cake! (Thanks to Uncle Bob, and my aunts Caran, Cheri and Christine!) :) He brought the cake home, and we covered it with 50 candles! I was the one holding the cake, and I could FEEL the heat!

I wish Josh could have captured Bella's face in this picture! She was enthralled with the amount of fire on the cake! She was also VERY impressed when Pop Pop blew out the candles in ONE BLOW!!!
Look at all the smoke!!!

Happy Birthday Pop Pop! :) Glad we could celebrate with you!