Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Well, today was the day!  Kaley's first day of Kindergarten!  She was so excited!  I can't believe she is really old enough to go to school!  She kept asking me if I was going to cry when I dropped her off.  I told her that I would try to be brave.  :)  She said, "Mom, it's ok.  I will just be gone a couple hours, then I will be back before lunch.  You'll be fine."  She cracks me up!  And, it's true.  Just a couple hours....  

 Here she is at her table.  She was glad that Brinton was already there.  They started sharing blocks and playing nice immediately.  Her BFF Anna is also in her class, as well as another friend from Primary.  She will already have friends. 
One last picture, and I was off!  I didn't cry, I did most of it last night.  She was too excited to feel anything else!  Now I can't wait for her to come home, so I can hear all about it! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cousin Fun

 Sunday, we had my cousins over for some Cousin Fun!  It was perfect!  We had potluck dinner.  The food was good and the company was GREAT! 
 Drew and Emily
 Sean, Laners, Dani and Lyss
 Alysia, Jordan and Vanessa
 Ben, Briana and Chloe, and Jane

Our whole crew - minus Josh, who is taking the picture.  :)  It is so much fun to have all these cousins so close!  Most of them are in Utah county right now for school!  

Thanks for the Cousin Fun, guys!  Let's do it again soon!

Thomas' First Day of Preschool

 Thomas started school this year last Friday.  He was thrilled!  (Kaley doesn't officially start until tomorrow because Kindergarten started a week after the other grades). 

Here he is with his friend (and Kaley's BFF) Hannah.  He is SO glad to have a good friend in his class!  Such cute kids!  

He was so excited when he came home.  He told me that they ate his snacks for the day.  (Each kid brings a snack for the class every month.  Thomas chose fruit snacks and cinnamon graham crackers.)  He got to cut with scissors, and loved playing with friends!  There are lots of kids in his class that he knows from Primary, so he is pretty happy about it!  I also had warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for him when he got home.  He was in heaven!  :)

So Long, Summer!

 We told the kids that we would do one more fire up the canyon at the end of Summer.  We managed to squeeze it in last week before Thomas started Preschool.  The kids just love this tradition. 
 They love helping throw the wood into the fire to get it as big as they can.  They they go "sploring" while the fire dies down a bit. 

 Even our babies love the mountains!  Jace loves to eat the dirt and twigs on the ground.  Sophie just stayed on my lap and was all smiles. 

Soccer Star, Kaley!

 In Spanish Fork, you have to wait until you are in Kindergarten to play any sports.  Kaley was thrilled that she could play soccer this year!  Her team is the Fireflies, and she loves it!  These first few pics are of their first practice. 

 Here they are in their first game.  Look for Kaley's pig tails.  You can see one of the on the left. 

 Right in the middle - pink socks!
 She is behind the girl in the blue shorts in this one, going for the ball!
 Listening to Coach Melanie.

 I love this one, she is chasing the ball with a huge grin on her face! 

 Cheering our girl on!  It was super hot! 

 Kaley stopped 3-4 goals while she was goalie!  I think she liked being the only one to be allowed to touch the ball with her hands!  :)

 The next game was not as hot, but it was a different kind of challenge!  We started out with pictures in the wind. 

 By the end of the first half, the rain started pouring!  We had to run to the car (with our BIG stroller - both babies crying, Bella and Thomas riding on the stroller - crying, Kaley running - happy as a clam, Josh - pushing all the crying kids, and Me - holding all the bag and chairs!)  It was quite the sight to see!  We were soaked by the time we got to the car - you have to park a ways a way. 
 Since they were already wet, we let the play in the rain for another minute before we threw them all in the shower to warm up! 

 Thomas was REALLY not thrilled with the rain! 
Can you believe they all fit in our shower?!