Friday, October 29, 2010

A HUGE Update!

Well, our computer was out of commission for a few days, so I fell behind on blogging.  We did SO many fun things this past week too!  So, make sure you keep hitting "older posts" until you find something you've seen before!  :)  

Thanks for stopping by!  

Happy Halloween!!!!

Thomas' Halloween Party

 Today was Thomas' class party.  I went to help out with his class.  The kids were all dressed up so cute!  I just LOVE this age.  I feel VERY attached to this age group!  Most of them come to my house every week for dance, and they are all in our Primary too.  It is just so fun to see them all learning and being such cute friends!  
 Our "scary" girls
 Super Heros!
 "Pretty" girls
 And Rylan, our Fireman!
Miss Heather with all her little ghouls!  Thomas and I just love Miss Heather, and all the hard work she puts into these kids!  It takes so much!  Thanks for the FUN Party!

Kaley's Halloween Party

 As I got Kaley ready the morning of her school party, she told me that she had been waiting for this day forever!  She was thrilled to wear her costume to school!  She also knows that she gets to wear make up for Halloween.  She just loves wearing mascara and lipstick!  It makes her WAY too grown up pretty!  

 I went to her class to help out with the party.  We played bean bag toss into the pumpkins and pin the stem on the pumpkin.

 The kids were enthralled with our apple juice and dry ice drink.  
 I dressed up as a fairy too.  :)
 The candy corn relay game.

 The pass-the-spider game.

 Making our cute spider cupcakes.  

 Getting ready for the parade.  Kaley is in the middle - pink wings.  
 Practicing their waves.
 My Mom was at home with Bella and the twins, (Thomas was at preschool).  Josh picked up Bells and brought her to see the parade.  She just soaked it all in.  

Kaley is the 3rd one back.  

We had so much fun, and she just is loving Kindergarten!

FHE - Carving Pumpkins

 We had our annual carving pumpkins FHE this week.  The kids have been waiting for so long!  Kaley and Thomas dug right in, and loved all the pumpkin junk.  Bella, however, was not thrilled with the yuckiness of it all.  She was cracking us up with her looks!  

 Our finished products!  We have the Boys pumpkin and the Girls pumpkin.  The Boy's is of course VERY scary, while the Girl's is pretty and happy, just how we like it!  :)

Fall Babes

 Way back on Jace and Sophie's 14 month mark, I took them out to take some cute pictures of them in the Fall leaves.  Sophie loved it, but Jace was less than impressed.  

 All he needed was a little Momma

 Bella calls her self the Collector.  
 Thomas blends right in with the ground in his camo.