Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BYU Father/Son Date

 Last week, Papa and Grandma were nice enough to give us all the tickets for the BYU basketball game!  Josh took Thomas and sat on the courtside seats, and Justin and the Murray boys took the other seats.  Josh said Thomas was enthralled the whole time!  

 Yeah, that's Thomas in the arms of Cosmo!  He carried him off trying to steal his popcorn!  I don't think Thomas could have had more fun there!  
They came home, and Thomas was clearly on a high!  He went up to bed, and we could hear him singing up in his room!  He took the Basketball roster magazine to bed with him, and still keeps it close to his bed!  

Thanks to Papa and Grandma for the tickets!  
Thomas and Josh had SO much fun!  (This was Josh's first time sitting courtside as well.  He admitted that he couldn't stop smiling the whole time!  I guess it's not just every little boy's dream, but big boys too!)  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things We Do

 This little girl has been my shadow these days!  We have started going to Zumba class in the mornings on Wednesday/Friday.  Bella loves to sit and do stickers and read books while I dance.  She loves the loud music, and thinks it's cool she gets to go with me.  I take the babies too, so she is my big helper when they need drinks/treats/toys.  If she finishes her stickers and books, she likes to join me and do Zumba with me.  It cracks me up!  When the song finishes, she lets out a big sigh, says "phew" and goes to get a drink.  It is hilarious!  Love this girl!  
This picture is while we were waiting for Kaley to get out of school.  

 The other day, we made Turkey-Mallows.  The kids thought it was a fun activity and yummy treat.  I just had the big marshmallows and then the little colored ones for the "feathers."  I broke little toothpicks, and they stuck them on there themselves.  

 Friday night was Family Date Night.  I wanted to go to Target to get some Christmas ideas for the kids. We shopped Target, and then headed to Wendy's for dinner.  This is our FIRST inside fast food eating experience!!!  I had to take a picture to document the insanity!  :)  The twins loved the new surroundings and all the people to smile at!  

 Saturday, we put up our Christmas lights.  It was windy and freezing, so we opted out of putting lights on the highest roof.  I am thinking we will put a few more lights INSIDE this year!  Bella, Jace and Sophie are enthralled with lights!  

 Sophie looked darling today, I had to just take a picture!  I put her hair in a little pony tail for the first time today.  It seems like just yesterday that Kaley was wearing this dress!   How time flies!  

Sophie is just a darling little girl!  I love her little personality!  We get more and more of it everyday!  

We are looking forward to time with family this week for Thanksgiving!!!  
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

More Fall Fun

 We had a couple nice days last week, and these are some pictures that I took on my phone.  The kids just love "exploring" in the Fall weather and leaves!

 Kaley has quite the imagination these days.  She built a "house" for Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends.  This is our documentation of it.  She had me take pictures because we had to clean it up before Josh got home from work, but she still wanted him to see it.  :)  

 Long walkway to the front door.  
 Phone, email and camera - all a fairy needs!  

And, the garden to the side.  She also made a little sign that said "FEREZ WELCUM"  (can you tell we are learning to write what we hear in words?)
 KISSES!  Sophie has started giving kisses!  It is the sweetest thing!  She especially loves to give kisses to Dad.  I love her little bottom lip stickin' out!  

 Thanksgiving Point
Friday, we took the kids to the Dino Museum and met Grandma and Grandpa up there.  I didn't get any pictures with them, but we were glad they came!

 Date night this week was going to the BYU Basketball game.  It was a fun way to shake up our date night! Thanks to Papa and Grandma for the tickets and to Lyss for babysitting!!!  

Josh took this picture of me one night before Zumba.  I have been working hard on losing weight and I think it is finally starting to work!  I try to go Tuesday and Thursday nights, as well as one of the morning times.  I put on a sweater for Sunday that I got for Christmas last year.  It didn't fit then, but I saved it hoping that it would someday fit.  Yesterday IT DID!!!!  (and I actually liked the way I looked in it!)  The other thing I like about this picture is the things I am holding.  It just sums up what I do.  Book for Kaley, sock - laundry, freshly painted nails - keeping Bella entertained, exercise clothes - something for me, and a smile - something for Josh.  :)  

There you have it!  That's what keep us busy!  We are excited for Thanksgiving and spending time with family!!!  

Monday, November 08, 2010

Fall Campfire and Leaves!

 Friday night we took the kids up the canyon for a campfire.  It really is one of their favorite things to do.  Sophie and Jace loved rolling in the leaves that Kaley pulled together.  Jace liked to lower his head and "bull doze" thru them  He was cracking me up!

 Bella is always telling me to take a picture of her with me because we are "bessfriends."  Love this girl!

Saturday, we went up to Sandy to play in Grandpa's leaves.  The kids have been waiting for this day for a while!  Grandpa has been resisting the urge to clean them up, just so his grandkids could play in them! I don't think they disappointed him!  Grandma broke out some jackets, since we forgot ours.  (that would be why Thomas' jacket is black and pink.)  
 Jace was not impressed at first.  
 Last year, Bella was pretty hesitant to touch the leaves, but this year she just LOVED it!  
 Mommy and Soph looking up at the trees
 I love these ones I took over my shoulder.  Bella was having so much fun!

 The kids had fun jumping into the leaves.

 Jace just hung out and watched the fun.  He loved the rake handle.  

 Bury Bella!

 Bury Thomas!

 Bury Dad!

 Blow out!

 Bury Momma!

 Blow out!

 Bury Pop Pop!
 Blow out!
 Jace and Sophie on the back steps.  
 Bury Kaley!
 I love the sweet expression on Jace's face in these pictures!

 Um, scary face, but I guess we were having fun!  

 This girl is such a character!  I just love her little face!


 By the end, Jace was *liking* the leaves.  

 This girl just LOVES to have her picture taken!  Such a cutie!

 An attempt to get a "twin" picture.  Why does this never work?  I do love the little pouts on the faces though!  

 Grandma getting Jace to smile by spinning.  

 Sophie is such a HAM!  She is always making faces and tilting her head to get a reaction.  Such a funny girl!  
 What's not to love about this face?!

 Jace was NOT a fan of getting leaves in his mouth!

 When we were all done playing, Pop Pop got out his leaf blower and let Thomas have a turn.  Thomas thought he had won the lottery!  He was thrilled to use the BIG tools!  He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time!  

Thanks for saving your leaves Pop Pop!  And thanks to Grandma for yummy dinner!  We love you!