Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jace and Sophie's 18 Month Pictures

 I don't even know what to say about these two!  I love the way their pictures turned out, but I may try some more in a few weeks when we can be outside.  Jace was adorable this time, and I feel like I got more pictures of him being cute and looking at me, while Sophie was being cute and ignoring me.  :)  Enjoy!

 Where's your nose?

 She looks like she has a secret....
 Folding her arms...
 Pretty fingers!

 And pretty toes!
 Bella helping a little...
 My lovely assistant Bella Rose

 Jace and his ball.

 Sophie and her baby doll.  Sweet, sweet girl.

 Loves for the baby.

 Smiling for Bella.
 "sharing" a book.
 Sophie won, Jace is pouting.

 OK, my turn!

 I love the way his little fingers are extended for this one.  Precious.
 I just love Jace's short, stubby fingers. 

 And, quite the opposite is Sophie - with her long, graceful fingers.  Beautiful.

 Always being dramatic, even while reading.

 Resting.  Love this one.
 And this one, even with the boogey nose.  :)
 All done.  Binkies and Bears are out, and they are giving loves.  Sweet babies.

 Love this one, smiling at mom with binkies in.  

 They really laid here for like 10 minutes just resting.  They crack me up!  I must have worn them out!

So now, which of the ADORABLE pictures do I need to print for my "wall?"