Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 Today, we prayed for sun...and it came for a little bit!!!  We met up with Kjersta and Haley (and kids) at a park in Draper.  It was great weather (considering how rainy it has been lately!).  We played hard, ate lunch and played some more!  
 I had to snap a pic of my kids all lined up holding hands to cross the street!  What good kids I have!
 Oh, how my babies love to swing!  

 This park is perfect because it has a small-ish park where the 2 and under play nicely on everything, and then another park right next to it that has bigger slides, and monkey bars etc for the bigger kids.  My kids just love it!

 After lunch, I let Kaley and Thomas take the twins to the BIG kid park and try all the slides.  Sophie was in heaven!  

 Jace was loving all the brotherly love!
 Haley had to coax Izzy into sliding down slides.  Let's just say, last time she went to the park, she had an unfortunate mishap on a slide.  I think she was good by the end though!  :)

 Bella said, "Mom, can I CHEESE right here?"  Yes dear, you can!  :)
 Oh my goodness, I have beautiful girls!
 Ruby, Lily, Thomas and Bella were giggling so hard on this contraption!  It was cracking me up!  It spins them around and around!  

 Look how big our crew is now!!!  My 5, KJ's 4 (one on the bench behind and one in the carseat carrier), and Haley's one by Kaley and one on the way!  Wow!  Little did we know almost 10 years ago....  
I love these girls!  Can't wait to play some more before Kjersta and Fam move to Oregon, and Haley and Fam move to North Carolina to start new adventures!  :) 

Jumping Jacks

Kaley and Hannah 
At the end of the year, Ms Heather takes all her preschool kids to Jumping Jacks!  The kids always look forward to it!  We even get a discounted price to bring extra kids, so naturally I brought Kaley and Bella along for the fun!  There were SO many kids there, and we had SO much fun!  
 I gave each of the kids a quarter to ride a ride.  Bells chose the merry-go-round.  All the kids piled on for more fun!

 Kaley chose the helicopter.

 And Thomas chose a big truck.  Fun, fun!
This is Allie.  Oh so much time is spent talking about Allie at our house.  Thomas just adores her, and we get a playback of everything Allie said at school that day every time he sees her.  Bella loves Allie because they are the same size, have blonde hair and blue eyes.  We also just love Allie's family.  So we don't mind hearing EVERY detail about her life!  :)  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

 Sunday after church, we went up to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  We had so much fun!  We had a BBQ and the kids loved being outdoors!  It was nice enough weather that we ate outside and were able to enjoy the break between storms.  

 The kids helped Grandma open her presents.

 Jace was seriously cracking us up with his horsie!  At our house - according to Jace - the horse doesn't say "neigh", it gives a very intense "YEEEEE.....HAW!"  I will put a video at the end.  You HAVE to see this!  

 Sweet Sophie and her big eyes!  

 Blowing out the candles.  We did it twice, for the kids!

 The kids pulled out Grandpa's sled, and Uncle Drew pulled the kids around the yard for a minute.  It was funny!

I think they loved it!