Friday, July 29, 2011

Redfish Lake - Day 4

 On our last day at Redfish, we took an early morning boat ride.  Think 7 am early.  It was freezing cold, but it was beautiful!  I loved that you could see the steam coming off the lake.  Gorgeous!

 Really, it was about 34 degrees.  

 All the kids took a turn helping Pop Pop drive the boat.  :)

 Jace and Sophie got a little antzy, so Josh walked them around the boat.  

 I love this one.  Me and my sisters, with my girls.  So cute!

 The day after we got home, we all wore out Redfish Lake Lodge t-shirts from Grandma and Pop Pop.  WE love them!  
We had SO much fun on our Redfish Lake trip this year, and can't wait for next time!  

Thanks to my Mom and Dad and Papa and Grandma for such a FUN trip!

Redfish Lake - Day 3

 After family pictures on Day 3, we went on a "nature walk."  Hiking doesn't really happen with twin almost-two-year-olds.  :)  On our walk, we saw the little squirrel that the Cleggs have as a pet.  ;)  Really, it lets you hold it, and pet it, and love it!  I watched McCall tell the squirrel it was time for a nap.  She put it in his little box, and put a blanket on it, and IT SLEPT!  She came back later, and it was STILL IN THE BOX and ready to play!  Wow.  The kids just loved petting it!  

 More nature walk....we walked on a path that took us to a beautiful spot.  We had to snap a few pictures there before being eaten alive by mosquitos!  

 Then it was more walking.  We traipsed up this mountain and picked every wild flower on the hill!  

 We came back for some cool off time and got in our suits for some water fun!

 Kaley and Call Doll rented every toy they could!  I loved seeing them do these paddle boards.  Kaley got pretty good at them!  

Me and Bells kayaked a little.  It stressed me out too much though.  We stayed in the shallow end, but every move Bella made, which was quite a few, I thought we were going to be sent into the freezing cold water.  I really didn't want to get my hair wet.  :)

 Thomas also tried every toy there that day too!  He played HARD that day!  He loved the kayak the most though.  Dani said he was really good too.  He stayed still, and would really help her steer.  

 After our day of play, we ate dinner at the Lodge.  Papa and Grandma even came to eat with us and stay the night.  It was so much fun!

 After dinner, we were going to go on a boat ride around the Lake, but it was WAY too windy!  So we came back to the cabin and improvised!  The kids played checkers with Pop Pop.  

 We also broke out the glo-sticks, which are sure to be a hit anytime!

 The kids were super sad that we couldn't go on a boat ride, so we took them to the Store and let them each choose a little toy.  Thomas chose this gun and mask set.  He cracks me up!

 We saw a couple of baby deer right outside our cabins!  

 Then it was off to bed!  We wore the kids out every day!  Jace looks like he is just going to pass out!  :)  Good sign of a fun trip!