Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thomas' tonsils

On Monday this week, Thomas had his tonsils and adenoids taken out.  We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am.  Thomas was a good sport, and he was well taken care of at the hospital.  Here he is getting prepped for the surgery.
 My handsome boy.  
 Eating his first of many popsicles right after he woke up.  He took a little nap at the hospital, and then was free to go!  
 At home, Sophie snuggled with Thomas right away.  :)  
It has been an ok week recovery wise.  The first 2 and a half days, I wondered why I even kept him home from school!  He was fine!  He has had loritab every 4 hours, and hadn't taken a nap or even slowed down.  He ate his popsicles, ice cream, pudding, jello, mashed potatoes, and was just great.  Day 4 was rough, he finally took a nap.  Thursday night was rough.  Friday, another nap.  Friday night was the worst.  I knew that it would get worse before he could fully be recovered.  It just isn't fun to see.  
He is having a hard time with the candy situation.  It is hard to have everyone else eating candy for Halloween and him not being able to eat his.  I am saving everything he gets, and he knows that he will get it in a few days.  

In other news, Jace has a hernia.  We noticed it at Thursday night's bath.  I took him in to the Dr on Friday morning, who then sent us to the hospital for an ultra sound.  That confirmed a hernia.  Poor boy.  He will have surgery on Tuesday.  I am nervous and scared for whatever hernia surgery entails.  I know it will be ok.  It just doesn't sound very fun.  

Hope you all are having a fun Halloween weekend!  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Break

Wednesday after school, we left for Jerome.  I had bought the kids a few fun things to do in the car from the Dollar Store, and they were a hit!  I had seen people use cookie trays for lots of things, and decided to buy one for each kid for in the car.  Crayons can't roll off of it, puzzles can be done, and best of all, the twins can play with their magnets!  It was great!  When they get a little older I will let them use dry erase markers on them!  :)
 Visiting Papa and Grandma is never disappointing!  We had so much fun!  The kids love playing in the yard, with all Grandma's fun toys, and helping Grandma clean.  :)

 On your marks, get set, GO!  

 Papa's yard is always radiant, but I love it in the Fall!  
 Rolling down the hill.   

 This picture is from Summer, but I had to post it.  We had a sad morning Friday morning, when we woke up and the family farm dog was sick.  King died a little later at the Vet.  This was the most calm dog!  I think it is the only dog Jace has liked in his life!  RIP in King, you will be missed.  
Friday morning, we left for Muldoon!  Papa and Grandma's cabin in the middle of no-where.  It is one of my favorite places on Earth!  We rode 4-wheelers (or Jeep, as Jace calls them) all day Friday and most of the day Saturday!  It was lovely!  I'm not even going to warn you, just know there are MANY pictures!  :)

Here's Danielle and her boyfriend, Dave.  Aren't they cute?

Riding 4-wheelers on dirty roads is dirty business!  :)  I always love the "dirty pictures" we take after rides!

Danielle took Dave thru the puddle and taught him how to get dirty! :)


These two loved sitting on the Jeeps.  If ever I couldn't find them, I knew right where to look!  

We have a dirty picture like this from when Josh and I were dating - the first time he came to Muldoon with us.  

 College kids being silly!

We all walked down to the river for a bit, and Dani, Dave and Lyss ended up getting in!  Brrr!
I love this one!  Dani's face is hilarious!  It was cold!

Dani had her sunglasses on, so Dave had to rescue them from down stream!

In goes Lyss!

Then the crazies moved to the pond!  


Jace and Sophie came back from their ride to see what was going on!
In goes Lyss!  "It squelches!!!"  Ha ha!

My kids were slightly appalled at the spectacle!

I found these two out on the 4-wheeler "zoomming" to themselves.  :)  Cute brothers!

Pop Pop and the boys.  Sweet.
Twins missing.  Check the garage....yep, on the "jeeps."  

That night we had a fire and roasted marshmallows.  It was so fun!  Pops looks like he is having the time of his life, doesn't he?  :)
Thomas wasn't feeling well that night, and ended up throwing up on his way into bed.  I think he just had eaten too much junk that day.  He was fine the rest of the trip.  :)
Kaley considered herself Dave and Dani's third-wheel all trip.  She was always right by them!
This picture is super cute of Gramma and Sophie.  Also, Pops is grinning....still!  :)

Yes, it's upside down, but that's how it was taken.  :)  We were all laying on one tiny tarp, downhill, looking at the stars, and trying to stay warm.  All while keeping our ears open for signs of cougars.  :)
This pool table is lots of fun, when you don't have kids.  With all those sticks flying every which way, it's a miracle no one got hurt!
Here we are Saturday morning for our early morning ride!  Brrr!

Drew and Em were there too, I just don't have as many pics of them. :)

My kids could throw rocks into this pond all day long!  Josh impressed everyone with his rock skipping skills.  

I just love having twins.  These two are the funniest little friends!

We also helped Papa cut down trees while we were there.  I think there were 11 in all!  What hard work!  

Dad would cut down the tree, the cut off all the little branches, we would take the branches to the burn pile.  The trunk was cut into chunks and then split for fire work.  We had quite the process going on!  Every one helped!

Papa Arlen and Grandma Del working too!

We came inside for a break to eat lunch and watch a bit of the BYU game.  It was perfect!

Then we were right back at it!

Log splitting is hard work!  Just look at Lyssa's face!  You go girl!

Trying to break and unruly branch!  It was tough work!

I went in for a shower, and everyone else took the kids on rides.  They had fun!

Josh snapped a few of the scenery.  We just love this place!

Again, these two with their faces!  Love.

Family pictures!  One of my favorite things about family trips!!!  CUTE!!!!
We tried to take a picture in the sun, and it proved impossible.  :)

Thanks to Mom and Dad for a fun trip!  Thanks to Papa and Grandma for letting us stay in your beautiful places!!!  We love you!