Saturday, June 23, 2012

Splash Pad

 We love our Splash Pad here in town!  We went with some friends last time, and I remembered to snap a few pictures!  We've been a few times, but I always seem to forget to bring the camera.  

The kids really love playing in the water for a few minutes and then laying out on their towels on the hot cement.  

 Bells and BFF Libbs.  

 Kaley and BFF Hanny

  BFFs Sophs and Jace
  Lacie and Isaac were having quite the fun time.  Isaac soaked his mom, so she retaliated.  :)  

 It seems we don't go anywhere this Summer without eating a snack or two!  I think my grocery bill is more expensive in the Summer!  They just are always hungry!  That is a good sign that we are playing hard!

 Cute Joey 
 Max was cracking us up with his spraying "technique."  

 After their snacks were gone, they used the bags to fill up water and soak friends.  :)

 More cement warming.
Oh how we are LOVING Summer!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Piano Recital

We had our first Piano Recital for Kaley and Thomas!  I have one other student that also performed that night.  Kaley played Indian Dance and Once Upon a December, and Thomas played Old MacDonald.  They both did very well!  I was a proud Momma and piano teacher!

 I wanted a picture with Kaley and Thomas, and Jace hopped up too.  When I told him he had to wait for the next picture and that this one was just for Kaley and Thomas, he was SO sad.  It really broke his heart.


 I love these ones with me and the kiddos.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Auntie KJ came to play

KJ was in town for the day, so we met at BYU and visited the Bean Museum.  We also packed a lunch and played at a park.  

 Can you believe all these kids came from 2 BFFs? :)  2 sets of twins will do that to ya!

 Love this girl!  Thanks for taking time to visit me on your quick trip!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

Obviously Father's Day weekend was a long one for our twins.  They fell asleep Sunday on the way to Sandy, and Jace didn't really wake up when we got there.  He fell right back asleep on the couch.  It wasn't very quiet there either!  Sophs just snuggled Daddy a while.

 Here's the kids sitting in Pops' new camping chair.
 "The best Dads get promoted to Grandpas!"  I'm proud to have this guy for a Dad!  Look how he loves my kids.  Love you Dad!
 We celebrated Father's Day for Josh later that day.  The kids were thrilled to give him his gifts.  

 I'm pretty lucky to have Josh as a hubby and a daddy to our kids.  We sure have him strung out pretty far, and he is the best!  Loving 1 crazy wife, 5 more crazy kids, coaching T-Ball, being Scoutmaster and being our main bread winner is no easy task!  We love our Dad!