Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Temple Square

Sunday, we headed up to Kaysville.  Grandma and Grandpa watched our kids so that we could go to the Brigham City Temple dedication.  We stopped at Temple Square on the way to enjoy the nice day and beautiful flowers!  The kids did so good, and let me take a million pictures.  Most of these are ones that they said, "Take a picture of me here..."

 This series, I hope to make little picture blocks for the kids with these pictures that say "I'm Going There Someday..."

There were quite a few different groups at Temple Square this day.  Some of them really stopped to take a picture of MY group walking by!  It just made me laugh!  :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday Fun at the Beach

Saturday, we drove out to Utah Lake's Lincoln Beach and played for a while.  It has been on our List for a long time.  It was the perfect "last day of Summer/first day of Fall" activity!  Enjoy our pictures!  

Bells played in the water for a little bit, but then came back to the beach to keep me company.  There are a few more pictures of her than the other kids.  :)

Jace was pretty upset about all the mud on his flip flops and toes.  

I love these pics of Soph because you can see Josh playing with the kids in the background.  I love my camera!

Kaley, Bella and Thomas had so much fun finding tiny "clam" shells.  We came home with quite the stinky collection!  :)  Soph liked playing "happy birthday" with the sticks in the mud.  :)

Being in the sun with family was the perfect way to spend the afternoon!  I hope that the memories can last me until the next time we can go!  :)