Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday, I took the kids up to campus to walk around and feed the ducks.  It is always a fun thing!  The twins loved the Cosmo stairs.  :)

 There are always SO many ducks here!  I had the kids sit on the bench with their legs up so they wouldn't get eaten alive by all the ducks!  :)

 See how close?!

 A trip thru the WILK is not complete without some ice cream from the creamery.  :)  Go figure that all of us got cookies and cream.  ;)  

Phone Photos

 Here are a few pictures from my pocket camera from the past weeks.

Jace and Sophie love to help me bake treats!  With as long as a Winter as we have had, suffice it to say that I have baked more than is normal.  ;)
The kids were playing beads for a few minutes before bed one evening.  We just love these beads!

 Bella caught a bug and was down for a day - that didn't stop her from smiling for the camera for mom.  
 Just a little bit of work from Thomas - hanging in the hall at school.
 Picninc outside lunch.

 My cousin Vanessa recently had her baby boy Corbin, so I went to visit.  Lucky me, her twin sister Steph was visiting too!  :)  

 FHE one night doing mazes after talking about the ten commandments.  

Maybe this is weird, and some might not understand, but today I sold my big double stroller.  The other is listed, and will be gone soon.  I have been SO sad to see this piece of babydom go!  I have had a stroller for over eight years!  I have been prepping myself to sell these last ones for a couple months.  I don't even know how to calculate how many miles are on my Baby Trend double stroller!  It was so good to me.  It's just another reminder that my "babies" are growing up and are not babies anymore.  :(  So I guess here's to the next phase of life!  Bikes, scooters and rollerblades!  

 Kaley and I went to Mother Daughter spa night last night for Activity Days.  This is Kaley and her friend Anna.  These girls have been good friends for almost 6 years.  Next week, Anna's family is moving.  :(  We will miss them!

It really is so much fun to have a daughter to do these fun girly things with!  We had fun eating, chatting and painting nails.  :)  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Farm

Friday, the kids didn't have school, so we headed up to Thanksgiving Point to play at the farm.  Rach, Ethan, Kenzie and Grandma met us up there.  We had so much fun!

 Ethan broke his leg a couple months ago, and is still getting his strength back in his leg.  The kids fought the whole time over who got to push Ethan in the wheelchair!  He was the coolest cousin that day!

 I love Jace's face in this picture.  He is looking at that stinky pig!
 We fed the goats...

We took a pony ride...

Everyone loved having their turn to talk Grandma's legs off!  
 We took a wagon ride...

Cute picture of T.

 Grandma bought everyone a little treat at the end - that's why no one is smiling.  They all have full mouths.  :)

 What a fun, crazy adventure day!  So glad to have cousins and Grandma close to play with on a no school day!  Thanks for making it a party!