Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Fling at Grandma's

We went to Grandma's to have a little Fall party.  The cousins all came and were dressed up!  So fun!
 We went on a tractor ride and picked pumpkins out of the field. 

 My little princess loved twirling in Grandma's big yard.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Date Night!

Friday night was date night.  I got the sitter, so Josh was going to plan the date.  He had a whole bunch of fun ideas, but the one that I wanted to do the most was also the most expensive.  He suggested we go to the BYU/Boise St game.  He looked online and tickets were too expensive.  We decided we would try to scalp some tickets.  We got dressed up in our BYU gear and headed out!  Josh dropped me off on a corner in Provo by the stadium with $40 in my pocket. The fate of the date was in my hands!  I found a scalper guy who wanted $60 for 2 tickets.  I told him I only had $40.  He said he'd do $50.  I really only had $40.  While I was dickering with that guy, another man came up and said I could have his tickets for $60.  His wife had bought 2 too many.  I told him that I only have $40, and he said, OK, I'll sell them to you for $40.  :)  I was SOOOOO excited!  The seats were on the East side, and I thought they were great!  At half time, I went over and said hi to Papa and Grandma and all the Cleggs - who were in town for Mikesell going through the temple.  It was so much fun!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Friday Fun Day!

The kids didn't have school on Friday, so we decided to have a fun day!  We did our jobs in the morning and left for a day of adventure!  We started out by going to Jakers Pumpkin Patch.  We've never been before, but have heard that it is fun.  We loved it!  

 We played in the corn...

 Went on a hay ride...

 Played in the mazes...

 Saw all the farm animals there...

 Then we swung by Walmart to get some lunchables for lunch.  (The kids think that's quite the treat!) We ate at the "castle park."  

Such a fun, beautiful Fall day!  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Stitches for Sophie

Warning: Some yucky pictures ahead!  
Tuesday evening - We had just gotten back from taking family pictures.  I sent the kids out back to play while I fixed dinner.  A few minutes later - Kaley brought Sophie in all bloodied with a head wound.  Josh met them at the door.  We got the bleeding stopped and saw that Soph was going to need stitches.  Thomas had thrown a rock (which he had intended to go over Sophie's head), and it hit her head.  He cried just as much as she did at home.  He felt so bad!  There was a pretty good sized gash.  So off to the instacare we went!  

6 stitches later, she was good to go!  She didn't cry the whole time!  The Dr was shocked at how tough she was!  No tears! Not even when he did the lidocaine shots!  She was SO brave!  She asked me on the way to the Dr's if I would hold her hand with our matching nails.  I think that was one of the things that got her through this!  Oh, and my never ending stash of Skittles in my purse!  :)  She has been so brave about this whole thing!  What a trooper!