Monday, November 11, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

So, I am catching up now, and these were taken the day after Halloween, even though we did actually manage to carve pumpkins before dinner ON Halloween!  :)  

Monday, November 04, 2013

Our Weekend Fun

We are starting to work on our back hill, so the landscaping guy starting bringing by the rocks.

 We helped Dani and Dave move Friday night.  

 We went to the BYU basketball game Saturday night.  Lyss came with us :)

 A few silly face pictures to get us through the last 5 minutes.  :)

 Clarissa's face.  


Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Marathon!

Halloween around here is a pretty big deal!  My kids locked in their costumes by about July.  :)  We already have a head start on NEXT Halloween now too.  It's intense, people.  
I am the Head Room Mother for Bella's class this year, so I planned the party for her class on Halloween.  We had 4 stations: treat, craft, game and Bingo.  It was a lot of fun, and I had lots of help!

 One mom made this cute box where you stick your hand in the box and feel something in there.  It was a hit!

 I had things running smoothly enough that I could leave to go see the twins' preschool parade and mini program.  

 Here they are singing their songs for us.

 The whole cute class!
 After their show was over, we hurried over to the school for Bella's Kindergarten Parade.  It was pretty chilly!

 After Kindergarten, we came home and ate some lunch, took a couple of breaths and then it was off to Thomas' party!  I helped in T's class by being in charge of the story station.  

 After T's party, the whole school had a parade.  My littles pigged out on left over popcorn.  :)
 Soph and her bestie Lexie.

 Our school office staff as Duck Dynasty men.  
 There's Kaley!  She's yelling to tell me that she saw her favorite 2nd grade teacher, Miss Nelson, back for just the day!  

 Here's T!

 We went Trick or Treating later that night...

 So cute!  
 Our kids really wanted to trick or treat in the old neighborhood, and so did I.  We all just wanted to be with the BFFs.  :)  It was kid heaven.  
 These two held hands and ran from house to house for most of the night.
 Our crew of kids running everywhere!

I just love this picture.