Monday, March 31, 2014

March Happenings

Here is a collection of what has been going on, through the lens of my iPhone.  :)  
Josh was gone to Pheonix for a few days, so I crafted with my sisters and a couple friends.  We made these lovely wreaths.  

 We had some nice weather days, so the kids were out playing in the dirt hills next door.  

 I helped with the Young Women's Project Standards activity one Saturday in March.  It was lovely.  I love being with the girls in our ward!  
 Campfire pics.  
 Sunny Sunday pics with my mini me.
 Lots of picking up and dropping off kids.  
 We finally saw Frozen at our dollar theater.  (I don't think there has been a moment when a Frozen song isn't being sung somewhere in the house!)

 We helped Tanner and Kassy move.

 Burning lots of wood to get ready to start a yard!
 Throwing rocks at things from the hill.

 This is a few of the little girls that are in our neighborhood.  The one driving owns this "Gator".  She piles all the girls in, and they ride!  

 After Frozen came to our house, we watched it a million times.
 This girl is a soccer start (more on that later), but she scored a goal on this game!!!  
 We went out to the Women's Conference, to dinner first, then the conf.  Kaley got to come along!!!  So fun!

 My Dad.  My Dad is a high councilman in his stake.  He is over the music.  So when he found out that the stake was doing From Cumorah's Hill, he told me.  He was playing Moroni!  We all went up to see him.  He had his lines all memorized and sang with the young men.  It was a sight I never thought I'd see!  We were pretty proud of him!  Mom *tried* to dye his hair gray, but it is just too dark!  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

BYU Blue and White Scrimmage

Saturday, we went to the BYU Spring football scrimmage.  It was a good weather day, and it was nice to do something as a family!  

 I had to stop at Macey's after the game, so the kids played at the park for a few minutes.

The boys did some yard work that afternoon.  Josh has been busy chopping up wood from all the trees that are dead, or that we've chopped down.  We are getting ready to put in a yard super soon!  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fire Station Field Trip

Jace and Sophie's preschool class went to the Fire Station, and I went along.  We always love this field trip!  
Here we are learning Stop, Drop and Roll.

 Having a practice fire drill.  The kids love climbing out the window.

 We went out to their big garage to see the engines!

 Climbing in the fire truck!

 Listening to the loud sirens and seeing the lights!

Cute kiddos!  Can't believe this is one of our last preschool field trips ever!