Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Piano Recital

Friday evening was our Piano Recital!  It was the last thing on my "stress list" for the week, and after it, I could breathe again!  Thomas and Kaley did awesome at the recital!  I know it makes them nervous and puts them out of their comfort zone, but they really step up to the occasion!  

 Me with my piano students.  I have 2 voice students as well, but they missed the picture.  They came late and performed later.  I am so proud of each of my students!  Such a scary thing to do, and they did awesome!!!

Bella's Kindergarten Graduation

 Friday was Bella's Kindergarten Graduation!!!  She was SO excited!  She has been singing her performance songs night and day!  She was thrilled to get to stand next to her friend, Taylor too!

 Saying her part, From Monday to Friday I studied at school.

 Libbs and Bells.
 With Mrs. Hyer.

Bella had her assessment today as well.  She did awesome!  She is a great reader, and loves to learn!  Her teacher said she is doing well in math and writing too!  I'm so proud of her and how hard she has worked this year!  

ONLY ONE MORE YEAR OF KINDERGARTEN!  (I'm pretty excited to be done with kindergarten homework, can you tell?)

Thomas Baseball

Baseball season is here!  We went to Thomas' game after the preschool graduation.  I snapped a few pics while we were there.  I missed Bells' game on the other field, so I'll make sure to show off her skills next time!  

Preschool Graduation!!!

Believe it or not, we had our LAST preschool graduation last week!!!  It was a BIG deal!  We are pretty excited about it!  The twins had their class graduation program, and we loved it!  Soph put on a show, as usual, and Jace "participated" - he knows all the words, knows all the movements, but doesn't like to do it if everyone else it doing it... that makes for an interesting program!  

 Pre-show huddle!

They love their teacher, Miss Lacie - it is a daily topic about how much we will miss seeing her everyday for class.  :)