Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the BIG day!  We have been waiting for this day for a long time!  Jace and Sophie started Kindergarten!  They were so excited!  

 Our biking crew!  We need 2 bike locks for at school!  Our one just doesn't fit all 5!

 By her cubby.
 By his cubby.
 At his table...
 At her table...
And then there were none at home...

I'm not going to lie.  I have really had a hard time sending these two off to kindergarten this year.  I was nervous sending Bells to 1st grade for the whole day.  I was nervous about T, just because he doesn't love school.  I was nervous for Kaley because I vividly remember 4th grade.  I remember how mean some girls could be, I remember how I started liking boys (who are we kidding, it started WAY before 4th grade), I remember feeling so big every day.  I just know that she will remember, really remember things from now.  

The whole thing pretty much makes me sick.  I keep telling myself that it's going to be ok, but really I  feel like I am talking myself out off the edge every day.  :)  I know that my kids are all thriving in school, and they do really well.  I just am a mom that actually enjoys my kids.  We had a super awesome summer.  I like spending time with them.  I like talking to them.  I like having their chaos around.  It is usually pretty crazy around here, but I love it.  It is hard for me to put them in someone else's hands for the day at school, but I know that I couldn't actually do homeschool.  

So it will be a little rough for me this first little while of kindergarten for these 2, but it will be ok.  I felt so sad as I left them at school.  I cried the whole way home.  It is hard to believe that they are big enough to be doing kindergarten.  Preschool didn't seem so hard.  They were with Miss Lacie, their second mother, just 2 doors down.  It was only a couple days a week.  Kindergarten every day scares me.  I'm glad that it isn't whole day.  But then I get panicked already for 1st grade.  It is hard too since they are the youngest.  They just BARELY turned 5.  They are babies!  It's just hard for me to let the strings out a little.  

So I've been doing YW stuff and blogging and catching up on computer stuff I've been behind on all summer.  Watching the clock and waiting....  I can't wait to hear all about their first day and all the adventures!  And I'll try not to let them see me cry.  :)  Geeze, this mother stuff is hard!  

A Birthday Party!

The twins had their first friends party this year!  We had it all planned out for the day of their birthday, but the weather did not cooperate.  Luckily we were able to move our reservation for the bounce house to Thursday.  Jace and Soph were SO excited!  We went and picked it up in the morning and set it up after lunch so they could just play on it before their friends came.  It's a bounce house that you can add water to.  It was perfect!  
I let each kid invite 8 friends, and 7 for each came.  It was a full house - thankful we were just outside the whole time!  

 All the friends!  It was fun inviting friends from our old neighborhood and preschool from last year, and new friends and neighbors from this side of the river.  Such a good group of kids!
 Soph just loves her friend Lexie!

 These pictures crack me right up.  Imagine Sophie trying to click her tongue while winking and pointing her finger guns.... Now picture Jace not liking her not paying attention to the line...  This is what you get.

 My favorite!  Can't you hear J saying SOPHIE!!!

 Ethan, Quaid and Jace
 The only picture I got of presents.  We sat in a big circle and the twins did good taking turns opening and thanking friends.

 A few of the girlies: Jillian, Taylynn, Paris, Ava, Sophie, Lexie - aren't they darling?

 A few of the boys: Jace, Quaid, Monson, Ethan, Preston.
 When they got too cold from the water, they took a break on the tier playing and chatting.  Love little girls!


 Leighton, Soph and Ava
 Jace and Gage
 Soph and Jilly
 Paris and Sophie
 After school, it was the big kids' turn!  They went hog wild!

 Kaley and Thomas seriously just ran laps up and down that thing!  They were giggling and laughing hysterically the whole time!

 I can hear Kaley's belly laugh from this picture!

The grass mostly survived...
 Josh and I trying to dry it out and let out the air and fold it up.  Hard work!