Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Well, we have our 2nd Pinewood Derby under our belt!  T and Josh worked hard on the car, while Mom made many trips to Hobby Lobby and various other craft stores trying to figure out what things like graphite were and "special weights" - geeze!  We managed in the end a pretty cool car, and it was just what T wanted!  He was not the fastest in any heat, but consistently took 2nd and 3rd.  Pretty great!

 I love the pile of kids at the finish line!
 Bella and Elsie
 Oh face!  Soph was super excited about the whole thing!
 Chloe, Sophie and Molly

End of the night: Best Decals!  Sweet find MOM!!!  Go Hobby Lobby! ;)

Young Women's Retreat

We had our Annual Young Women's Retreat at the beginning of March.  It is something I look forward to like Girls Camp - it is so much work, but so much fun, and oh so exhausting!  I LOVE spending oodles of time with the young women and just soak up their spunky personalities!  
At the Retreat, each leader takes a YW Value and does a little 30 minute blurb on it.  This year's theme was a cruise ship.  We were EMBARKing - since that is the youth theme for the year.  I was one of the leaders that drove around in my big car and picked up girls like a cruise shuttle.  It was so fun!  So the leaders dressed like cruise attendants and did a little dance for the girls first thing.  It was funny!  We had dinner and then started our Ports - each Value was a different "Port" that we stopped at.  We made passports with the girls to keep track of the Ports that they visited at the Retreat, and then for the rest of the service things that they do throughout the year.  
This Port was Integrity and Virtue - Tara did Say Yes to the Dress with the girls.  They got into teams and made temple worthy wedding dresses.  Loved it!

 Our Bishop and his wife crashed our awesome night party - we were playing Just Dance on the Wii - I swear those girls could dance for hours!  Bishop Mullins and Sister Mullins shared a spiritual thought with us, and then we kept on partying!  We eventually settled down (like midnight) and put on a movie.  :)  

 We had a cruise worthy breakfast spread and then started hitting some more Ports!  This is the one on Faith I think.  Throwing marshmallows into buckets.

 We played lots of little games in between Ports for fun.  This was a silly one.  Trying to get the person next to you on the "park bench" to feel so uncomfortable that they get up to leave.

 My Port was Individual Worth - we played a Jelly bean get to know you game.  I read them The Crayon Box That Talked, and we watched David Archuletta's song from Meet the Mormons.  No pictures - I was talking the whole time. ;)

This activity was our Knowledge boards - we made magnet boards for our church handouts and things we want to remember.

 Sister Neen and Alivia taught us about photography for Divine Nature, and we took a nature walk and took pictures.
 Avorie, Payton, Me and Bailey
 Me and Rachel - another leader and close neighbor friend

 Our leader group - Me, Sister Fox, Rachel, Heidi, Chris and DeDe - best ladies ever!  I am so thankful to be a part of this awesome group of girls!  What fun we have!  
 Sadly, this was the Saturday that they found a car in the SF river.  It was a super sad story, and our community was deeply impacted.  
A few of my camera pictures from our nature walk.  
 We have beautiful girls!  Madi and Bailey

 Bailey was such a trooper!  She had knee surgery a couple days earlier, but still came!  

What an awesome, spiritual, fun weekend!  I really love my calling in young womens!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


March 3, Kaley and I went to Pentatonix concert with Grammie, Danielle, Lyss and Emily.  It was AMAZING!!!  Kaley and I went out to eat - Pizza from the mall, and then wandered in Claires for a bit!  Love our glasses picture!!!

Such a fun girls night!!!!  Thanks to Daddy Warbucks for funding our fun night out!!!!

February Fun!

February was a busy month!  It was full swing of basketball and a million other things!  We had some really nice weather days - more than bad weather days, so I was happy about that!
Here's a pic of the boys at the BYU game the night that I took the girls to the dollar movie.
 I don't remember what I was doing with the girls, but the boys went golfing this fine day!  

 In January, I started a pretty awesome exercise weekly routine!  I started going to Vasa Gym's cardio kickboxing class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30 am. I go to Jazzercise on Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings at 5:45 am.  I've still been going to Zumba as well Monday/Friday mornings at 9:15.  I have really enjoyed exercising with friends at all these places!  It makes me feel better about life, and honestly, I think it has helped a ton with my Winter blues!  
Cardio Kick mostly kicks my trash!  It is a great class, and the instructor is tough!   I had to snap a pic of my blood blisters on my hands one day after a particularly rough class.  I just love feeling beat up and bruised!  I really have gotten stronger the past few months!  (and yes, I DO wear gloves for that class - it just was really tough class!)

 Silly Thomas!
Oh yeah!  Here's what I was doing with the girls!!!  I took Kaley's basketball team to the women's BYU basketball game.   

 Camp Fires!

 Fundraiser/Service project for the YW.
 Rode our bikes to Culvers for an ice cream one sunny Saturday!
 Thanksgiving Point Children's Museum!
 Sawyer loved this water table!!!

 This is what my little people did ... 
 While I did this.... 
 Jace's Kindergarten teacher has a cupboard filled with the drawings and notes she gets from her kids. Here is Jace's latest obsession!  He tapes ribbon to every picture he gives out!

 Me and B after her last game!
 Papa and Grandma gave us tickets to the last BYU home game - and it was senior night!  Thomas was in HEAVEN!!!  He loves Tyler Haws!

 I can't even TELL you how excited I am that our Payson temple is almost done!!!!!  Our youth get to be a part of the Celebration for the temple too!!!   It is really all we are talking about in Young Womens right now!  It is beautiful, and we can't wait to go inside OUR temple!!!!
 Service project with the Mia Maids.
 Snuggling with Jace

 Kaley's last game!
 Jelly bean testing!