Sunday, August 30, 2015

Island Park - Part 9

The last installment of Island Park 2015!  Here are pictures from after church on Sunday.  We always visit Big Springs after church.

 Traditional on the porch pic.  

 Nobody like to leave IP.  I cry driving off the island every year!  It is such a fun, bonding family time, and this year was no different!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Island Park - Part 8

These cousins spent hours exploring and treasure hunting on the beach.  Oh the crazy, old, and yucky things they found!  Not to mention the golf balls, toy trucks/cars and trinkets.

 T knee boarding...

 Kaley's turn!

 Bella's turn!  This run was later in the day, so some of the pics are dark - but you can see how happy she was to finally be doing it!

 We towed Soph around for a bit!

 I just love Soph's summer messy bun!

 Here goes J!

 Josh got up for one last ski!

 And I knee boarded back to the cabin!  I could not keep my eyes open!  The spray and the sun were super!