Monday, November 23, 2015


Bella and Sophie did a 4H class taught by my Jazzercise teacher friend.  They LOVE this class!  It is each week on Tuesdays after school.  At the end of their session, they do a little performance of the dances they practiced.  So cute!  Love these two ladies!


Bella and Kaley participated in Reflections this year at school.  They decided before Fall Break what they wanted to do, and they gathered their ideas from Muldoon and put them into art when we got home.  Bella took a picture of the pond and then watercolor painted it.  Kaley took a whole bunch of pictures and put them in a fancy collage on canvas.  She got a Award of Excellence and her piece went on to Region Reflections!  I am so proud of these girls!

Friday, November 20, 2015

First SNOW!

Monday, we got the first real snow this year.  There wasn't THAT much on the ground, but these kids just couldn't let it go to waste!  We had friends knock on our door, and out they all went!  The wind was biting cold, but that didn't stop them!  We pulled out some hot chocolate near the end, to warm them up a bit!

Here's to many more snow days for these kids!

Kaley DARE

The 5th Grade participates in the DARE program at our school.  Kaley had her DARE Graduation this past week and I was impressed!  She sure is one awesome girl!  Officer Warner was their DARE officer, and you could tell the kids loved him!

Way to go Sis!  

October Fun

October was filled with all kinds of fun!  Sophie won $10 at the drawing for Soccer Rec Night!  She was pretty thrilled!
 Jace and his friend Bryson - his family just moved in to our neighborhood!  They are in the same school class and are instant friends!
 We went to the BYU football game on Homecoming night!  Such a fun night!  Thanks to Perry for giving us tickets!  :)  
 I went on lots of walks this October.  The trail was spectacular!  I love walking on that trail!
 Every day after school these kids go to work making crafts (read: messes).  When their homework is done, they use every piece of tape, every last staple and every sheet of construction paper to create masterpieces.  I just have to let it be!  They usually clean up pretty good, but it sure is an artist's work place until dinner time!  
 A zoo trip mid-October on a no school day!
 We took the kids to a BYU football game in October too!  We splurged and shared a couple Cougar Tails!  Yum. 

 We had a Young Women's Program - like the Primary Program, but with the YW.  I helped with the music.  We had a few girls give small talks and sang a few songs.  It was pretty awesome!  So proud of these girls!  I love being in YW!  
 We bought a keyboard!  It makes it so that 2 kids can practice at the same time!  AND, they can still practice while I am teaching piano lessons in the other room.  It has made our piano practicing totally improve!  
 Kaley and Thomas - reading Harry Potter.  Love that these two are little book worms!
 Making our HP wands.  Lyss too!
 Witches night out with some girls in my ward!  

 Most of the group - some more joined, but I didn't stay for all the festivities.

BYU Basketball Game

Friday, after the kids had Halloween parties all day, we went to the BYU basketball game.  I think it was pre-season, but we still loved it!  We bought a few extra tickets so we all could go.  It was a little empty around us, so we all still got to sit together in Papa and Grandma's seats.  Josh and Dave sat on the floor at first, then we switched around.  

 I'm sure we were quite the scene!  We made it on the big screen a few times!  We've had friends tell us that we were on TV at home too!  So fun!

 Josh on the floor with a few kids!

Thanks to Papa and Grandma for the tickets and to Pops and Grammie for making it extra fun!