Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Break - Grandma Daw's Funeral

Here is a picture from our car ride to Jerome.  Kaley and Thomas watched Harry Potter 3, the little girls watched Little Mermaid, and J played on the iPad.  :)
 When Jace and Thomas shared ear buds for a bit.  Sweet.
 Cousin time!

 We sang "Whispering Hope" at Grandma's funeral.  Grandma asked us to sing this song at her funeral a couple years ago.  Danielle and I are wearing Grandma Daw's dresses.  She gave them to us when she was cleaning out her closet a while ago.  

 I took the little girls around to see the many ancestors we have buried in the Jerome Cemetery.  

Spring Break - Woods Cove

Wednesday morning we packed up again and went to Woods Cove for some more beach fun!  I loved capturing all the smiles at this beach!  We had a fun time, and the waves were good - we didn't bring the boogie boards down to this beach, but we should have!  

 The tide pool part of this beach I really wanted to see, but it was a little tricky to get to.  So I braved it by myself instead of taking the kids all over.  I saw a ginormous crab!  A really crab!  And lots of little tiny crabs.  Really a cool tide pool place!  

 Josh saw a few dolphins out in the ocean too!
 We drove to Vegas that night and stayed at a hotel.  Then it was off to Jerome, Idaho on Thursday (after a little swimming) - a 8 hour drive - to go to Grandma Daw's funeral on Friday.