Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer 2K16 - Part 3

 Haley and her family came into town, and we all took it as a reason to party!  We got together at my house for a family dinner and swimming.  I love having a yard for friends and family to gather in!  When my yard is full, I feel so happy!  :)  

 Izzy and Sophie - toothless twins!
 Our hubbies - the picture takers ;)
 Look at us!!!  We were missing Kjersta!

With our WHOLE crew!!!!  Picture Kjersta and her hubby plus 5 kids in there, and THAT'S us!  These girls are friends for life!  I love that we can get together, share our struggles and successes and know that they will be heard.  I know that these ladies were put in my life to help me be a better person - not only 15 years ago when we met, but still, today!  They each inspire me to be a better mom, wife and friend!  

Here is T's day camp stuff all laid out!  He is a planner!
 Swim lesson pictures!  Last day fun!

 These two.  I really can't believe how big they are!  They are just about the same size.  They can share shirts - usually just Thomas' - and cleats (thank heavens Thomas loves pink!).  They are the best of buddies, and egg each other on like crazy!  

Summer 2K16 - Part 2

We spent a lot of time at splash pads and pools with cousins all Summer!  This was one time at the beginning of the Summer when we went to the Sandy splash pad. 

 I joined my neighborhood's book club this Summer and loved it!  I have been reading books I probably wouldn't normally choose off the shelf, and it's been so good!  Love these ladies!
 Last of the baseball games :)
 We took our report cards to Krispie Kreme to get some free donuts!
 We swam a LOT a Lyss' pool!

 Grandma Connie, next door, babysits her son's puppy while he is at work.  My kids just adore that tiny little dog, Milo!

 We went to the splash pad and then to see Finding Dory for Brooklyn's birthday!  Fun party!

 There were LOTS of Summer jobs!  
Cousin Cassie's bridal shower!
 Playing in our pool with cousins.

 Swim lessons - we did swim lessons at the city pool again this year.  Kaley and Thomas both passed level 6 and will get to do swim team next summer!  Wahoo!
 We were going to go to the Springville splash pad one day, but it was CLOSED!!! :(  We went to the Provo one instead!  

 Movie night in the Hartley's yard!  (They live next door to us, and we pretty much share a yard - they have a party, we have a party!)  We watched Zootopia this time.

 Slip n Slide fun with friends!

 Let me tell you a little about our Summer meals.  In a stroke of genius, I decided that the kids would each take a day in the week to make lunch during the Summer.  Thus, helping me with lunch time - which is torture!!!  The kids would choose the meal, make sure that the ingredients made mom's grocery list on Monday, and then execute the lunch making and clean up on their day.  The big 2 help the little 2, and it worked!!!!  The kids chose things like: quesadillas, cinnamon rolls (frozen), pasta salad, grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos, frozen pizza, mac n cheese, pasta roni, etc.  You know, nothing that I wouldn't normally fix, but then I didn't have to THINK about it!  I really couldn't believe how smoothly meals went this Summer!  Those days that we planned a picnic somewhere, that child was in charge of packing and getting everything ready to go!  It was awesome!  They learned a TON about cooking for themselves, and I felt like a good mom for letting them make a mess of the kitchen every day!  :)

 The other thing that happened nearly daily, was a FaceTime call to Danielle.  Her phone died, and her only way of communication was FaceTime on her iPad.  This particular time, I was on my phone with Danielle FaceTime, and on my iPad FaceTime with Grammie and Lyss.  In case you were wondering, we decided we should swim.  ;)  That's how most calls went!