Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Friday of Labor Day Weekend, I went to Swiss Days with Danielle and Mom.  It was such a lovely day, and we thoroughly enjoyed the shops!  

 I bought this sign from Salty Bison's shop.  It is our family theme for this year!  With Mom as YW President and PTA President, we all needed a little encouragement!  ;)
 These two fight an awful lot.  Josh makes them hug each other for 5 minutes and tell each other 10 nice things about each other.  It works sometimes!  

Saturday, we played with Danielle and Dave - we got out the slip n slide one last time for the Summer!  Also, I got a new trampoline for my birthday!  Our old one ripped and broke.  I have missed it all Summer!

 These two love Uncle Josh!

 On Monday, we went to Kaysville for some swimming in Aunt 'Nices' pool.

 What do you know?  Thomas found a snake!

This was from my Birthday!  I went to YW that night and the girls surprised me with cupcakes and candy card and balloons!  I sure do love my young women and leaders!!!!

First Day of School!!!

School started this year on August 23rd.  Can you believe it?!  This is the last year that all my kids will be in the same school!  :(  That's why this year, I am the PTA president!  It is keeping me busy and doesn't give me a lot of time to think about how sad I am that these cute little people are growing up WAY too fast!  

Sophie - 2nd Grade Mrs Moody's class

 Bella - 3rd Grade Mrs Mathis and Mrs Lacrua's Class
 Jace - 2nd Grade Mrs Moody's class

 Thomas - 5th Grade - Mrs Christiansen's class

 Kaley - 6th Grade Miss Larsen's class

 I love these "too sunny" pics!  Sophie's faces kill me!

 In front of the school
 Classroom drop offs!

 T wasn't thrilled about his picture.
 Kaley let me take one outside her class, but NOT inside!
 After school, I hosted a Milk and Cookies party for the neighborhood!  It was so fun to see all these kids together and playing it up!  

 What kind of a gathering would it be if Thomas didn't find a dead creature and torture the girls with it?  He found a snake that had been cut in half.  Ew.

 Even Josh's friend came over!  Brent and Josh have become good friends - going to lunch about every week and golfing together too.  

 Just when I thought the dead snake couldn't get any worse, T pulled out a half digested mouse from inside the snake!  Gross!