Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A quick St George Trip!

In November, we checked the kids out early from school on a Thursday and headed down to Cedar City for the Cedar City temple open house!  We have been so blessed to go to so many open houses with our children these past few years!  We decided to make a weekend getaway out of this one and headed down to St George after!

We went to Zion's NP on Friday and hiked around a bit.  It was not very busy and it was nice enough weather!  I just loved being there with my family!

I loved all the piles and piles of colorful leaves!  

Monday, November 27, 2017

November Happenings!

November was a great month!  Here are a few of the highlights!  
Thomas' teacher is great at documenting their class happenings and posting them on instagram.  I love seeing T with his friends!

Kaley's school choir sang the National Anthem at a BYU basketball game one night!  It was a super highlight for me!  I sang the national anthem there when I was about her age.  Such a fun night!

This picture is a little blurry - but I cannot forget Jilly and Sophie's play time!  They colored this flag picture, turned on Sophie's national anthem snow globe and sang their hearts out!  Such cuties!!!
Jace got an award at Pack Night!  He loves scouts!

Putting up Christmas lights!  That's Kaley way up there!  
My sweet Laurel advisor, Erika, gave Kaley a whole bunch of shoes that she was getting rid of.  It's crazy how cute this girl is!  She has loved putting together her outfits according to what shoes she wants to wear each day.  
My beautiful young women and leaders!  We had a wonderful YWIE night.  I am blessed to get to work with these girls!
Kaley's quilt she made for one of her 10 hour projects.
At another BYU game!
A cute pic from Activity Days!  My girls LOVE going to activity days and playing with their friends and those awesome leaders!
Thanksgiving in Malad!

Playing at TGP. 
Dani and I decided to dye our hair!  We both wanted to go back or closer to our natural color.  So here's the adventure!  

Light parade on main street!  Every other year we make it to the Light Parade!  We love our little hometown!
Decorating our tree!  We got a "surprise" (wrapped up) tree from Costco, and I loved it!  

A girls night out - where I tried sushi for the first time ever!
A fun young women's night out!  We love chatting and feeding these girls!

Oh man!  Out of order Thanksgiving pics!