Tuesday, August 01, 2017

July Little Things

We started out July by going to the Freedom Days in Provo.  We were ready to go swimming right after!  It was a hot day!

 Kaley made our porch a cute pallet flag!  
 Front yard chipping practice.

 The littles wanted to do a craft too - so they made tiny flags!

 4th of July party at Teeples!  We went to see their play.  

The kids doing a play for us in their basement!

 Taking a short drive up the canyon to play by the stream!

 Ice cream from Maceys!  
 We babysat Danielle's kids so they could have a date before baby came.  We love to hang out with those kids!
 Thomas and Tate had a lemonade stand!  Thomas built that "stand" all by his-self!  
 Soph and Syd - besties!
 After a rough month in YW - I was surprised by a delivery of lovely flowers!  
 We went to the Spanish Fork Pyromaniac firework display at the Sports Park by our house.  

 We went over to the Jr High to get Kaley all registered and got her locker assignment!  YAY!!!  She is SO excited!  I was totally nervous for her, but she loves it!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

24th Of July Fun!

We started out our 24th the usual way - at the SF Parade!  

Thomas chased the BYU truck down the street to get a boat load of his favorite team swag!  
A little later, we had the fan over for food and water fun!

I bought a Costco chocolate cake for a treat!  I've wanted one for a long time!  It did NOT disappoint!

We had our own firework show till dark, and then watched the fireworks from our hill.  It was little rainy, but it was so fun!