Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kaley's 12 Year Portraits

We took Kaley's pictures one day after school - I just love her!  

Monday, January 09, 2017

San Diego - Part 5

Every morning, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the hotel!  I think all the kids tried to fit in the high chairs.  These kids ate waffles, boiled eggs, sausage, scrambled eggs - you name it, they had it, my kids ate it!  

Friday was a tricky day - it was chilly and rainy.  We were planning on seeing a movie, but when we got to the theater, it was sold out!  So we decided to go play at La Jolla in the rain!  We really wanted to go snorkeling - so we braved the sunless weather and did it!  We only lasted maybe 20 minutes - every time we stuck our faces in the water, I couldn't stay under for more than 5 seconds - it was too cold!  We played some more in the water though - just not with our faces under!  :)

 I played paparazzi from under the umbrella and caught these two being silly.  :)  Love them!

 I loved watching the kids chase seagulls all day!

We went to the tide pools again - to try to see this one cave that I read about.  Only when we got there, there was this sign.  I'm not sure what federal law that is, but I didn't want to break it.  I'm still a little heartbroken about not getting to see that cool cave...

 We went up to see the lighthouse at Point Loma too.

 That night, we went out to dinner at Old Towne at Cafe Coyote.  Yum!
 This hotel was perfect for our size family!  The twins shared a bed, Bella and Kaley shared a bed, and Thomas had the sofa bed to himself.  Josh and I had a bed upstairs in the loft.  It was lovely!  Here they are doing their own thing in the morning.

That's the end of it!  Thanks to Grammy and Pops for the fun vacation!!!  We will always remember how much fun we had!