Monday, February 13, 2017

YW Annual Retreat - January 27 & 28, 2017

We had our Annual YW Retreat in January.  I just LOVE this time with the YW.  It's kinda like camp, but in the winter.  It is a great chance for the girls to come together, feel the spirit and BOND!  We went with the theme from the church leaders "Ask of God, Ask in Faith."   We threw the mustache theme in there because it was cute!  I am more a simple party thrower, so the decor was minimal.  
We started by going to the temple together to do baptisms.  It was a wonderful kick off, and the spirit was felt!  We headed back to the church for dinner.  Then we did our mini workshops.  

 Snow cones for a fun drink! 

 I taught my workshop about the importance of the temple.  I gave the girls sunglasses to help them remember to keep their sights on the temple.  Don't they look great?!  
 We had a few other workshops too.

 Then we got in a circle and played SIGNS!  It's our tradition!  We LOVE this game - it is played every girls camp, every Retreat and a lot of times inbetween!  It gets loud, and the girls just BOND.

 One of our Laurel leaders offered her house for the sleep over part!  She has a beautiful home with a finished basement, it was perfect!  We had a couple more workshops, and played BINGO.  Then the party part started!  We played Just Dance, did karaoke and ate treats!  

 It's hard for me to sleep at things like this - especially when I feel like I am responsible for the girls.  So I stayed up all night visiting with the other leaders.  It is one of my favorite nights!  The Bishop came over and had breakfast with us and taught us a little more about Faith.  

Our last workshop was a service project.  We made little dresses for girls in Africa.  So cute!
Have I told you how much I LOVE having Kaley in YW with me?!  It makes YW activities THAT much more meaningful!

I felt like it was such a success!  We have 32 YW, and we had 28 of them able to come for at least part of the Retreat!  Such a BIG deal!  I love having these girls in my life!  I feel so blessed to be able to Lead them, Guide them and Walk beside them!  

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Bella's Birthday!

Bella turned 9 years old in January!!!  We opened presents before school.  She wanted to wait to get dressed to make sure that she could wear one of her new bday outfits.  

 She was most thrilled about her iPod shuffle!

 It was Crazy Hair Day at school on her birthday too!  Here's what we came up with!

 "Smiling pile of poo"

Bella chose mom's Cafe Rio for dinner, and PB bars for her treat.  

 I helped at the school that day, and got to see B while I was there!  :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

January 2017

January was packed full of fun!  After our trip to CA, we still had TONS of snow when we got back, so they kids went out to play!  

 I had to take a picture of this sweet note that a girl in the twins' class gave to Jace.  He had lost his Pokemon cards - a really big deal right now to him...  He thought that they were maybe stolen or something, but they never turned up.  So he was pretty sad!  Sweet Oaklee gave him her cards with this sweet note.  I could just keep her!  :)
 It snowed A LOT.  During one of the storms, I took refuge at the temple.  I just love being SO close to the temple!  I have been able to go once a week pretty regularly. It has helped get me through this winter and I have felt the blessings in my calling and in parenting.  
 Josh and I took Kaley to the temple for the first time too!!! WHAT?!?  How can she be old enough?! It was pretty fun to do that with her.  Josh was able to baptize both of us, and help with the confirmations.  Pretty cool experience!
 Another BIG thing in January was Kaley getting braces!  She really was so excited to get braces.  The day after,.... not so much! ;)  

Bella had a make over!  I have a love/hate relationship with Bella's hair.  It is SO beautiful and blonde, but it is SO fine and tangly!  She is not really capable of taking care of long hair, so we decided to go short again.  I LOVE her hair this length!  She was able to donate about 10 inches to a hair loss for children foundation.  Go Bells!

 Her sisters came along too - and even got to help cut her hair!

 Our friend Emily styled it super cute for her too!  Fun Day!

 The previously mentioned Oaklee is the cute girl in this picture with Jace.  I took this without them knowing.  I just love it!  They were reading buddies one of the days I was helping in class.

BYU game with Grammie and Pops!

 The kids' school did a good citizenship reward day and took the kids out to play in the snow.  They had a contest.  Here is a pic I stole from Bella's teacher.  
 Kaley has started babysitting!  (for other people - not just family!)  This is Nellie - she comes to our house to play, Kaley watches her, while her parents and older brothers go skiing.  It was fun to have a toddler in the house again!
 One Saturday, I took the girls on a date to the BYU Women's bball game.  Our friends the Schaffers were there too!  Kaylee and Kaley were chosen to go down on the court for a little time out entertainment!  They were so thrilled!  What cute girls!
 Bella had her friends Rylynn, Libby, and Madi.  Soph sat with me and Hadley.  

 They all went on the court for the half time Chicken Dance.  
 We had an awesome PTA White Ribbon Week!  Here is a pic of the twin's class from the school website.  The twins are in the front row... 
 Jace got duct tape in his hair one night after bedtime.  He was howling pretty good!  The night ended up with a hair cut! ;)