Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bella 3rd Grade Track Meet

Bella's original track date was a couple weeks ago, but it was rained out.  It was moved to the day after Thomas'!  So 2 track meets in 1 week!  I love watching this social little butterfly!  She runs with a cute crowd of kids at all times!  This was Bella's first Track Meet, and she ROCKED it!  

 She ran the 400m first - it was LONG!  She did pretty good!

 Then we went to see B do the standing long jump.  She ended up jumping 66 1/2 inches.  We thought that was amazing!  Then we heard at the end that she took FIRST PLACE out of all the schools!!!!  Wahoo!!!  

 I snapped this pic right after Bells jumped, and I'm super glad I did!  Josh was there to watch her jump her heart out!  She was beaming!  
 She ran the 200m next!

 Relay girls!  

 Super proud of this leggy, smiley 3rd grader!  

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