Monday, June 19, 2017

60/90 Putnam Reunion

Grandma and Grandpa Putnam had a celebration for their 60th Wedding Anniversary and Grandpa's 90th birthday!  We met the family in Boise for the party!  
Here's a few of the pictures - Grandma and Grandpa with great grandkids and Camille. :)
Robert, Christine, Don, Dad, Cheri and Caran - just missing uncle Gary!

Grandpa's funny opener was something like that he was now finally a senior citizen.  We were laughing!  Grandpa has the funniest sense of humor!
Look at all that family!

I love this one of Sophie talking with Grandpa!  
Cute Soph and my cousin's daughter Chloe!  They are only a couple weeks apart in age!

The boys went golfing together after the lunch!  I love this picture!  
Drew, Camo, Mark, Grandpa, Don, Bob, Jordan and Dad.  

Love this Putnam family of mine!  

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