Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oregon Trip - CRG: Bridge of the Gods and Horsetail Falls

Saturday after the 60/90 Party, we headed out on our BIG Summer Road Trip!!!  Josh had the BEST idea this year for our family trip - he said why don't we go visit KJ and see the Oregon Coast this year!?  We were already to Boise, so we planned a whole trip out of it!  Josh even called a couple of his clients for work and fit in a visit to them so that he could call 2 of the days as "working" days!  It was fantastic!  We were packed to the brims and SO excited to see new things!  We have never been past Boise/Ontario Oregon, so this was something completely new!  
We stayed at a hotel in Hood River.  We LOVED this hotel!  We had THE perfect room!  Everyone had a bed!  2 queens, and an L shaped pullout couch.  The pool was amazing and the hot tub was hot!  All the favorite things!  AND a nice hot breakfast!!!
The hotel was right next to the river, and had a little park with a giant wheel for the kids to climb on!
Look at all those happy faces!  
The sunset that night was just for me!  Look at all those pinks!

We stopped at Walmart and I found this cute hat that I wore on the trip.  We picked up some lunch for the next day that we could eat while we explored the Columbia River Gorge.  
Sunday, we woke up and mapped out our course of exploring!  We stopped first at the Bridge of the Gods.  I have never seen such a sight!  I was giddy as we passed on the bridge over to the Washington side and then back to the Oregon side!

This Columbia River.  Wow.  It was so wide!  There were huge boats and barges in it, and I really couldn't believe my eyes!

We kept driving on to the Columbia River Gorge.  First was Horsetail Falls.  This was one that was right off the road!  We got out of the car, crossed the street, and there it was!!!  My eyes were as big as saucers!  What a beautiful world we live in!!!

The trees!  There was mossy greens all over the trees!  Everything was so lush and beautiful!!!  

Passing train!  Just another cool thing at this stop for the Horsetail Falls!  

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