Friday, June 23, 2017

Oregon Trip: Fairy Falls Hike

We did eventually make it back to the car and ate our lunch!  The kids were "starving" so they said.  What a beautiful place to picnic!  After we had fueled up, we headed out on another hike going the other way from Wahkeena Falls.  This was my favorite hike, I think!  We went up to Fairy Falls - maybe a mile and half?
The trail was exquisite!  

There were so many falls along the way - most of them unnamed.  It was stunning.  I really couldn't believe my eyes most of the time!  Everything was so green!  We hiked along the rushing water most of the way, so the sound was heavenly!

Big trees like this were strewn about the forest - Jace was convinced we could just leave him there and he'd survive just fine!

And then we found Fairy Falls.  Love!!!  It was far enough of a hike that it seemed to deter most hikers - so it was more peaceful and less busy on this trail.  

On our way out from this trail, we stopped at the overlook.  What a view!  That Columbia River is something else!

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