Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oregon Trip: Peter Iredale, Battery Russell, and Sunny Happy Beach

We made it to KJ's house Sunday night and caused a scene!  Her neighbors even comments how fun it was to hear and see us reunite!  I can only imagine what we looked like to the outsiders!  I was SO thrilled to actually BE in Oregon, and actually BE at KJ's house - I mean, we FaceTime so I felt like I'd been there, but this was real!  It was almost like living with each other again!  

We started Monday off with a BANG!  KJ took us to Peter Iredale shipwreck in Warrenton, just right next to Astoria.  This ship wrecked in 1906, and this is what is left of it!  It was fascinating!  And it was at the beach, so that just makes everything magical!!!

I just adore this picture of Kjersta with my Kaley.  I don't know if my kids realize how lucky they are to have aunties like my BYU roommates!  I've said it before, but there are really only a handful of people in your life that will be able to say that they have known you your whole life.  Kjersta is one of those to my kids.  Like, hospital visits people.  That's mighty important!  

Showing the kids the jellies that were on the beach.

We were heading to Sunny Happy Beach - named by the Smith kids.  On the way over there, we saw a bald eagle!!!  Like right up close!!!

We walked up an over this sand hill to a beautiful, secluded beach and we had it ALL to ourselves!

Sophie found crab shells galore!  Some of them were a little too squishy for my liking!  Ew.

Jace and Taft found a sand fort and played in it.

Soph tried to build her own. :)
We sat and talked, caught up, soaked up the sun, and completely enjoyed this beach!

Another fort Jace built - he really has a knack for building!  
We stopped to see the South Jetty.  I am amazed that these are man made!  

Next up in Warrenton was Battery Russell.  First thing I noticed was the beautiful plants!  Oh the flowers!

Battery Russell was built in 1904 and was used til 1944.  It was part of the Harbor Defense of the Columbia.  Pretty cool to see!  We could still see some of the stencil lettering of what each room was for.  
That hole was used for a big canon!  

KJ told us that the local teens use this place for night games!  Man, I want to play!  

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The Smiths said...

Remember when I came to see Kaley in the hospital? And I brought Boyder... and Dan Taylor? Hahaha. You can't waste time dropping off the hitch hikers when there's a BABY arriving!! xoxo