Saturday, July 01, 2017

Oregon Trip: Proposal Rock and Goodbyes

Saturday morning, we hiked up Proposal Rock.  It was a little muddy from the rain the day before, but it was an adventure!  

 Then it was time for goodbyes.  :(  The worst part of the trip! These girls did NOT want to leave each other.  
 I really can't believe that this trip happened!  I don't think we'll ever be able to repay the Smith family for all the fun memories we had with them!  I hope that our kids never forget this awesome trip!  And I hope that someday they will have a friend as great as Kjersta!  Who else would let her college friend and her family of 7 come stay with them for a week?!  I tell you what, each year there are a million reasons why we were placed together in Kimball 205 that freshman year at BYU.  She is a true friend for life!  What a blessing!  Love you VanEvery!  Thank you for the very best trip!

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