Wednesday, July 11, 2007

June Post

Wow, I know it is almost half way thru July, but here we go! We made it thru June! We had a family reunion, Girls Camp, and started another family trip at the end of June! It was a busy month!
Our July has been crazy so far as well. Thomas had a scare while I was at Girls Camp. He passed out, of sorts. We did not know what to think, so we took him to the Dr, and they ran tests on him. Everything came back normal, so unless it happens again - hopefully all is well. Thomas also had tubes put in his ears just yesterday. He is doing ok. He has a nasty cold on top of everything else, so he is pretty miserable! Kaley is fun as ever! She continues to surprise us with little things she says! She is becoming quite the little mother to her babies and practices constantly on Thomas!
Josh and I are good. We are wrapping up our stay here in Eagle Mountain. Our house will be finished on the 16th, but we will wait to move on the 21st, so that we can have more help from family! We have loved watching our house be built! Our final walk thru is tomorrow, so hopefully all will stay on schedule! We will keep you posted!

Putnam Family Reunion

We went down to St. George for a Putnam Family Reunion! The kids loved the swimming and the cousins, and we loved spending time with family!

Young Women Fun!

Here a couple pictures from wallyball night, and Girls Camp! So fun!