Monday, December 15, 2014

Temple Square

Sunday evening, we went to Temple Square to see the lights.  It hasn't been too cold this Winter so far, so it was a nice night!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Recital

I had a lovely Christmas Recital with my students this year!  I have 2 voice students who performed, and 11 piano students.  It was beautiful!  One of my favorite things about Christmas!  I played a few duets and accompanied my voice students as well.  It was so awesome!

 It really felt like a full house!  

 Bells and I played a duet too.
 I was super proud of these sisters who played a duet together!  Some of my favorite recitals were when I played duets!  

 Kaley and Thomas both played awesome duets with me from The Nutcracker!  Proud Momma Moment for sure!
 Piano Teacher Crystal  :) Do you like my dress?  
 My voice students had to leave early for another Christmas performance, but here are my piano students!

 With my little Beethovens!  :)

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Double Digits

My sweet Kaley turned 10!!!  She has been counting down the days til "double digits."  She really is the best daughter!  We had a special day for her!
We opened presents in the morning - she wanted to wear something new for her birthday - Momma's girl!

 I think Kaley's "love language" may be written words.  She LOVES getting letters and writing letters.  Josh wrote her a sweet note, and she has had it hanging in her room.  

 That night, we had a birthday party "late night" for her.  She invited a few friends over and we had a party!  There aren't that many girls that are Kaley's age around here, but the group she has is pretty awesome!  4 of these girls, we have known forever.  Between Primary, school, and soccer - they have stuck together!  Even after some of them moved, and then we moved - still besties!  

 We ate pizza and root beer, opened presents, then did a craft - per Kaley's orders!  She really plans the whole thing for me, and I just provide the supplies!  She is the best!  What a little grown up!
 Reindeer ornaments - Kaley found these on Pinterest.
 Popcorn and a movie!

 Treats - Kaley's favorite peanut butter bars and hot chocolate!  Then silly pictures!

 The hot chocolate had hit the blood stream, so down to the basement we went to run off that sugar!  

Happy Birthday Lu!  You're the best!