Friday, November 30, 2007


We went to the BYU vs. Utah game and had a blast! Our kids were amazing! Thomas took a quarter's worth of a nap! What a sweet boy! We bought the kids nachos and popcorn for a snack, and they thought they were in heaven! What good kids we have! We got to stay til the very end! Go Cougars!

Christmas Crafts

I have been extremely brave this season, and have made some of my own decorations for Christmas! I went to enrichment and learned how to make the little glass square with lights and the bow! I have always wanted to learn how to make these special bows! So now my new obsession is finding ribbon so that I can practice my new found skill! :) I also had to put away my beautiful Fall decorations that were in my kitchen - courtesy of Josh's sister Tricia. So I attempted my own interpretation of Christmas cupboard decoration. What do you think Trish?

Saturday, November 17, 2007


We had Kaley's 3 year and Thomas' 18 month pictures taken this past week. They did so good! We rewarded them with popcorn and drinks from Target! It works every time! These two are too cute!

Kaley - 3 Years

Thomas - 18 months



Thursday, November 01, 2007

October Pictures

Our October was eventful, as you will be able to tell from all the pictures! The pictures pretty much say it all! We had a good Halloween, and have loved the fall weather! Josh has tried to get as much golf in as he can before the drought of winter! We try to go on walks still in the afternoon when it has warmed up a little. We love our neighbors and neighborhood! We have good friends here already, and the kids love all the kids to play with! We are doing pretty good! That's about all to report! Enjoy the pictures!

Planting Grass

Here's Dad, Kaley and Max (Kaley's neighbor friend), planting our grass! Our grass is coming up so nicely! I guess we'll see how it does thru the winter! We are looking forward to having a yard to play in!

The Zoo

Josh has class on Wednesday nights, so we are always looking for something to do to kill the time! We met Chalae and the kids for an afternoon/dinner at the zoo! The kids loved it, and it wasn't busy or crowded! Perfect weather too!

Pumpkins and Cupcakes

Moab in the Fall

Josh had to go down to Moab and Blanding for work, so we went with him! It was a little chilly, but we still enjoyed a little park time!

BYU - Go Cougars!

We bought season tickets to the Football games this year with Josh's family. We brought the kids with us to the coldest game of the season so far! They loved it! We left just before the white out happened! Good timing!

Fall Fun!

Trunk or Treat

Our ward had a Trunk or Treat the Saturday before Halloween. It was perfect weather! The kids loved seeing their friends all dressed up! They really got the hang of trick or treating here!