Friday, December 26, 2008

Bella Doing the Hokey Pokey

This is my first ever video!!!!  I had to capture Bella doing the Hokey Pokey at the Hayes Christmas party!  She LOVES to dance!  Jarilyn was pushing her around in the stroller, but most of the wiggling is done by Baby B!  Enjoy!

Christmas Day!

Waiting to come downstairs!
Loves for Bella's baby
Letters for the kids' rooms
Thomas the tool man!

Christmas Morning!
Drew and Lyss
I love handing out the presents!  Thomas was really getting into it!
Kaley and her new baby.
Thomas got a dress up bin of his own!  It has all kinds of hats and shirts in it!  Now he won't feel left out when the girls play dress up!
Dani and Lyss got new cameras for Christmas.  Thomas was trying his hand at photography!  I love how he has it backwards!
Everyone laughing at Thomas' antics!

Drew and Emily

I love this one!  Look at her little finger pointing!  So sweet!
Emily and Drew reading to Bella
Playing Old Maid with Kaley!  She got so into this game!  Clarissa even tried to cheat and Kaley and Grandpa still won!  :)
We had so much fun!  We hope that you all had a great Christmas!

Christmas Eve Festivities

Jarilyn and Kaley skating. 
Thomas and his food! 
Every year on Christmas Eve, the Hayes side of the family rents out the roller skating rink and building.  We have a big party with lunch and a prize give a way!  The kids love it!
Me and my girl!

The kids playing on the big blowup toys
Merry go round rides!
These cousins are just weeks apart!  Bella, Makenzie and Dallin.  From the roller skating party, we went to the Coxes for more partying!  
All the cousins that were there!  We miss you Elyzabeth, Lolee and Hayes!
The kids got gloves and a hat from Grandma and Grandpa.

We did the Nativity with the Coxes.  Grandma made Kaley her very own set of Nativity costumes.  Kaley, of course, did not want to participate.  She just helped Grandpa tell the story.  

Kenzie was Mary

Grandpa was excited about his new ipod!

The kids in their new jammies.  Now off to bed!

Sugar Cookies

One of our traditions is to make sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them.  Kaley and Thomas just love it!  I am not sure how much frosting actually makes it onto the cookies, but they sure love it!  This year, Kaley really decorated cookies quiet nicely!  Thomas' looked a little messy still, but hey, he's 2!  :)

Play dough snowmen

Thomas and Mommy made little snowmen out of play dough the other day!  Thomas was so proud of his Mommy for making him a little snowman!  I could hear him singing "Once There Was a Snowman" to himself as I made it.  So cute!