Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tulip Festival - Round 2

Friday night, Josh went camping with the scouts, so I begged my family to meet us at Thanksgiving Point to see the Tulip Festival.  :)  Here's the pictures.  I just LOVE the tulips there!  

 Everybody loves Uncle Dave!

 And Aunt Lyss.

 Dave bought these (hideous) new sunglasses for when he goes shooting.  The kids thought they were pretty awesome.  

 My kids really do have the BEST aunts and uncles (We were sad Drew and Em couldn't come!)
 Soph was in heaven with her Pops!
 Jace begged Pops for the birds eye view on his shoulders.  He was pretty thrilled!  

 It's all I could do to keep the kids out of this fountain!

 Melt my heart picture.  Thomas was being extra sweet and gave Soph a piggy back.  She really isn't that much smaller than him!  So cute though!  I love it when my kids love each other!

 The girlies and Grammie - resting.  Kaley is into doing her own hair these days.  She does it this way when I have curled it for the day and she gets too hot.  I think it looks darling!  When did she get so big?!  She really is my right hand girl!
 Oh geeze!  I love these sister pictures!!!!!  I look exhausted (I am - remember this is the same day as Dani's graduation... up at 5 am... wrestling toddlers all day... going to Kaley's class... helping Josh prep for camping... etc... oh, and the start to allergy season.)  But my sisters look gorgeous!!!  I sure am lucky to have these girls for sisters!  

 Rolling down the hill...

 Pops' condition for flower gazing was that I brought T's clubs along for some range hitting.  Thomas was thrilled!!!  Best. Day. Ever. 

And that's how we survived another campout!  :)  Josh had fun with the scouts.  He had 8 boys come, 2 other leaders and 2 dads!  He was ecstatic!  They stayed up telling jokes around the campfire.  He made his first cobbler, and it was a hit!  He didn't sleep a wink!  I don't think they will ever camp there again! The trains were coming all through the night!  He said between 2-3 am, there were about 5 or 6 trains that pulled through blaring their horns.  Poor guy!  I'm sure proud of him for doing such a great job as Scoutmaster!  It's been quite the learning experience!  

Danielle's Graduation

Friday was one of those days that I was SO thankful for technology!!!  This is what my twins looked like through most of the 2+ hours of graduation.  I am amazed at how good they did!  We left the house EARLY - like 6:50 AM, early - Friday morning and headed to the Fieldhouse.  Graduation started at 8 and went til after 10.  The twins played just about every game I had on the iPad and my phone, and listened to all their favorite tunes during the talks.  Pretty darn cute, if you ask me!  

 They did get pretty antzy towards the end, so we headed outside and played on the golf cart there and looked at the pretty trees.

 I was pretty happy for my ultra zoom lens, but I'm still no expert at using it.  :)  But, I feel like the moment was captured!  In all the blurry pictures though (because I had NO chance at keeping my arm/hand still with 2 3-year olds by me), some of them, it really could have been me standing in the line across the gym.  We look that much alike!  I was kinda weirded out!
Anyway, here's Danielle walking in....
 Laughing with her friends - her back is to us.
 Blurry, but smiling for me....

 Waiting in the line....
 Name being read....crossing the stage...

 And, that's when Jace and Soph decided they were done.  So out we went!

 Outside pictures!!!

 With Dave's parents.
 One pic with Dad looking good, one pic with Mom looking good - why can it just be in the same shot?!

Congrats Danielle!!!!  We're so proud of you!