Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tulip Festival

Saturday, we went up to the Tulip Festival - along with the rest of the State!  It was SO crowded!  We ended up parking way down the street!  We walked half a mile to get to the gate, and then walked all around inside!  It was beautiful!  Totally worth it!  I'm glad we went that day - it was super rainy the week before and it is even more rainy this week!  

 Lucky for me, I have cute girls that LOVE to have their picture taken!  

 What's cousin time without a little wrestling?!  ;)

 This tree was one of my favorites!


 I love watching Jace try to break dance!

We didn't get to see everything in the gardens - we never do!  It was getting close to dinner time, and people were tired and hungry.  We went out to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner with cousins!  Perfect day!