Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bella's 5 Year Old Pictures

I took B out to snap a few pictures of her at age 5.  She is just darling.  We got a few good ones in before a storm started rolling in.  :)

Then it got cold and windy, so we were done.  :)  I'm glad we could get another birthday photo shoot in for this girl with all her teeth.  After they turn 5, you never know when those teeth will start falling out! She's just too cute!  (Oh, and she didn't stop talking for the whole time.)  That's my Bella!   :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Aerospace Museum

After Bella's party, we headed up to the Aerospace Museum with Coxes for some fun!  

 The kids loved trying on the real pilot and astronaut suits.

 We went to Kaysville for dinner and more cousin bonding.  :)  The kids love playing dress ups with Grandma's dress up clothes!  They were cracking us up with the outfits they came up with!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Party: Fun and Games!

Let's dive right into the games!  We started out with a sea shell hunt.  I had my kids help "hide" sea shells all around the downstairs rooms.  The girls could hunt for sea shells while we waited for everyone to arrive.  The girls were also each fitted for their own mermaid tail.  

Next up was Fishing!  Kaley was my helpful behind the scenes girl!  Mikesell (lovely cousin of mine, and favorite to Bella) came and helped out too.  Bless that girl!  

 Next we played Catch the Sea Witch.  We used our jelly stingers (ping pong balls) and threw them at the Sea Witch (Clarissa - who was my other lovely assistant!  Couldn't have done it with out her!).  The Sea Witch would then throw candy from her magic treasure chest (or a big silver pot) to be freed.  It was a hit.  It's basically like human pinata.  :)

 Then we decorated mermaid crowns.

 We also made pearl bracelets at the table as well.  That's what they are doing in the picture above.  

Our next fun game was Sea Shell Bop!  The object of the game is to keep the balloons in the air until the music stops.  Then I called out someone to pop their balloon.  Each balloon had a silly challenge in it for the girls to do.  

 Kaley was our Challenge Reader.  :)

 Blow out your cheeks like a puffer fish!

 Love this pic of Kaley!  Thanks Lyss for being my stand in photographer!  

 Do the crab walk.
 Beautiful mermaid twirls.

 Pat your head and rub your tummy.

 Jumping jacks.

 Presents with friends!  Bella has the most generous friends!  Thanks to everyone who brought such cute presents for B!  So sweet!

 We had our fishy cupcakes, and then played bubbles! 

 I just love bubble blowing pictures!

 Taking a group picture!  Love these girlies!  

Mermaid pose!

 Bella absolutely adores Mikesell!  I think if she wasn't going to be able to come on this day, Bella would have had to change the date of the party!  It was the BEST that she could come!  Thanks sweet Mikesell!  We sure love you!

 Mikesell brought B a pink watch for her birthday!  Bella ALWAYS wears Mikesell's watch whenever we see her.  It was so sweet, and B wears it every day!  She's always asking me what time it is.  :)
 Love this girl to pieces!  We sure had a fun party!  I don't think I could have gone to this much effort for just any girl!  :)  

Love you Bella Button!  Happy Birthday!