Tuesday, February 18, 2014

YW New Year's Retreat

On February 8th, we had a New Year's Retreat with our Young Women group.  I am only posting a few of my pics to the blog, but I took WAY more.  Each of the leaders took turns teaching about one of the YW values.  We did 3 Friday night, and 3 Saturday morning.  We ran out of time, and ended up doing one on Sunday for the lesson, and one on the activity on Wednesday.  I did a mini lesson on Divine Nature.  I brought a ball of yarn and had the girls say something nice about one of the girls in the circle and then pass the yarn ball (keeping a hold of the end).  Pretty soon, everyone had something nice said about them, and we were one big entangled web of sisters.  I was touched by the love in the room.  It was really sweet.  I talked to them about what would happen if we cut one of the strings (or someone said something not nice about someone else).  I also talked about how if only we would realize that each of us is a child of God, then the way we talked to and treated each other would be so nice.  

 We had a dance party and also some lip syncing.  :)  Boy, do I sure work with the best ladies!

We made headbands for girls as a service project.  We bonded so much at this activity.  Staying up late, eating yummy food, learning and feeling the Spirit together, and just being around each other was so fun!  I hardly slept a wink, but I am sure blessed to be in YW with these girls!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty exciting at our house.  I was super on top of it this year, and we had "Pinterest" Valentines made a week before the actual day!  They were mailed to cousins, and ready for delivery on the 14th, no sweat!  
I planned the party for Bella's class, and helped out there in the morning.  Jace and Sophie also had their Valentine party that morning, but I didn't get any pictures of them.  You would have thought that it was Christmas Eve though the night before, because no one slept!  They were all too excited to pass out their treats and have parties!  
At Bella's party, we had dipped wafer cookies with pink lemonade.
 They played a musical hearts game and had to do whatever it said on the heart that they stopped on.  It was pretty cute to watch.
 I did a cute paper heart doily craft at my table.
 We also had a table with some "minute to win it" style games.

 Kaley and Thomas each made their own Valentine boxes this year.  I really did not help one bit.  After my overachieving with the actual Valentines, I just let them go loose!  Kaley used an old food storage can to decorate.
 Thomas made his entirely of Legos.  This kid is awesome!  It even had a drawbridge!  Hello?!  His mind amazes me!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Mikesell's Farewell

We were in Jerome for Bella's birthday and Mikesell's farewell.  The fog there did some really cool things to the trees.  I walked around one morning and tried to capture the beauty.  My grandparents yard is always so beautiful!  

 Kaley and Call - these two are usually inseparable.  I sometimes feel like a bad mother when I go to Idaho because my kids are always playing with cousins.  They hardly come to me for anything.  I see them in nano second intervals when they come to tell me where they are running off to next  - the Barn, the kitties next door, the basement, the play room, the yard.... etc.

 These two are the cutest friends.  B just idolizes Mikesell.  It is really sweet.  We will sure miss her for 18 months!  

 I am doing a plank challenge with my zumba girls.  When Dad heard about it, he started our own family plank challenge.  I am proud to say that I finished my zumba challenge with a 4 minute plank! Woot!  I plan on schooling my family as well!  :)  Here we are involving the cousins in the craziness! Austin had his new fiancĂ© Amy there too!!!  They just got engaged while we were there!  

 Grandma Del reading to the kids.  I had to laugh because I think she had a pretty good glimpse into reading to twins.  There were many breakdowns over who got to say what and whose turn it was to pick the next animal, etc.  

Bella's Birthday

Bella's birthday was spent in Jerome this year.  We gave her a present before we left though because it wasn't going to fit in our car.  :) 

 We opened presents in the morning at the Ranch house.

 We had a BIG party for dinner.  Bells chose BBQ chicken with baked potatoes for dinner, so that's what we did.  
 I made her a Doc McStuffins cake.  

Just a few phone pics from the day.  :)