Thursday, April 30, 2015

Payson Temple Open House

It is finally here!!!  Our Payson Temple is having an Open House!!!  We had tickets to go on Saturday.  We got enough so that my family could join us.  The temple is beautiful inside!  It really is my favorite!
 My cute kiddos!

 Together Forever!

Bella's Art

Bella's cute teacher did an art show to showcase all the different art techniques they learned about in their art unit.  It was darling!  
Can we just talk about how cute her C<3X is?  I love the heart!  This is the Mona Lisa one.
 Shape - I can't remember half of these!
 Buddy art
 Van Gogh
 Bella's own art

 I can't remember this one
 Self portrait
 Her "Up" art.
 These were Jace and Sophie's art in the hall.  They learned about bees.  Jace learned "rocroc bees roc" translation - worker bees work. :)
 Sophie "boys are laze" translation boys are lazy.  The boy bees are lazy.  :)

April Adventures!

You know the drill!  I am feeling really on top of things that I am getting April phone pics up on the last day of April!!!  Not that I am THAT caught up on the blog, but I'm getting there!  
Soph had a super bloody nose one day at school - so bad that she needed a new outfit!  I was gone somewhere, so Josh had to dig through the drawers to find clothes - that is a too small shirt with Bella's shorts :)  
 Thomas started baseball - this is serious business!  He is practicing catcher sometimes, and that gives me ulcers.  He's a good kid, and loving playing!

 This is the SF Easter hunt.  The city does a super fun egg chase.  Bella and Thomas were on the same field, the twins were on the same field, and Kaley was on her own.  

 These may be the only Easter pics from the day!
 Funny pic from one night - Josh went up to check on the kids before he went to bed, and Jace had no underwear on!  It was a good giggle!  :)
 Kaley reported on her county in class.

 The school does a County Fair - and the whole 4th grade shows off their county reports to the school.  Here's Sis with her friends!  Lexi, Kaley, Oaklie, Haley, and Kyla.

 This is the day after Lasik!  Feeling awesome and driving!  

 A couple more easter hunt pics.
 Sophie won a BIKE!!!  
 Dying eggs
 Easter morning
 Easter dinner at Putnam's - Austin and Amy came :)
 Spring Break cleaning!
 A couple left overs from Spring Break - matching cousins!
 Shuttle pic!

 The hotel pool was freezing!!!  Then we figured out that the heater was broken - the new one was installed Friday, so we swam Friday night and Saturday morning. 

 Car pic!  Road Trip!
 My beautiful tulips!  They took a beating during the Spring/Winter storms!
 Lots of practices for the Payson Temple Celebration!

 Girls night - painting nails and treat from the Dug Out.  

 The boys had super hero night at the school.
 Visitors to watch Kaley's soccer game!

 Teeter totters are built for twins!
 Catching butterflies is a super obsession of Jace's right now.  I have had to bribe/pay people to go to the field down the street to go catch butterflies with him!  
 1st grade does a super cute Earth Day presentation!  

 We got some chicken for a good deal, so Danielle and Mom came down to help me cut/bag/freeze them.

 Yard work - pulling weeds!
 I love the arm around the sister pic!
 Summer is almost here!  My job is to sit and spray the tramp every few minutes!  Best job ever!