Friday, February 26, 2010

A Sixth Anniversary

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day! It was a rainy/snowy day, and we loved every minute of it!

For our anniversary, we are dropping off the kids at Grandma's and we get a DATE! So far, all we know is that we are going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner! Hooray!

Happy Anniversary Babe! Love you!

(Pictures by Scott Breen)

Friday, February 19, 2010

6 Months Old!!!

Can you even believe these babies are 6 months old?! I know I can't!
At 6 months, Jace likes:
giggling, rolling (but getting stuck because of his solid mass!), his exersaucer! - he could spend all day in there! If I put him on the kitchen floor, he can rock that thing across the room! He is a good sleeper and eater. He likes to attack Sophie's hair bows, flying hands and feet. He has good hand - eye coordination! He loves snuggles and giggles when you kiss him under his chin. He's got the sweetest face and is oh so ticklish! Jace is so strong on his legs!

Oh Sophie Del! This girl is all smiles! She is a roller! She can get across the room in a matter of seconds! She also loves her exersaucer! Sophie is ticklish, but doesn't know how to laugh while being tickled. She giggles when she thinks something is funny. She is all drama! The only way I can tell their crys apart is by the amount of "drama" in the wail! :) "Sopy-Del" as Bella calls her, is very snuggly and loves to nuzzle in! She has the longest eyelashes, and a sweet girl smile!

Oh, how these two melt my heart!
Love you People!
We are so glad you are in our FAMILY!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine Kids

This year for Valentine's Day, I made the kids new pillowcases. Thomas has a hard time keeping his pillowcase on his pillow, so I thought if I made one just for him, he would keep it on. So I picked fabric out special for each kid. Bella is obsessed with polka dots, and her nickname is monkey, so hers fit perfectly! Thomas' has his latest obsession - trains. Kaley's is princess themed with castles and crowns etc. They loved them!

We sent the big kids upstairs to get ready for bed, and I looked back to find Sophie just still curled up on Bella's pillow with Bella's "special" blankey. We may have another blankey girl on our hands! Bella was very nice to share with her little sister for a minute, but then wanted it right back!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Baby Luvs

These babies looked so cute on Sunday, I just had to snap a few pictures of them! I just LOVE dressing them in the same colors! :)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

First rice cereal experience - x2

So, we started rice cereal this week for the babies! Jace liked the cereal going down his throat, but didn't really get how to get it there. He would have a bite, then mull it around for a minute. I would give him his binky, and then he would get excited as he sucked it down! What a funny kid! Sophie was less than impressed, and made quite the mess!

Can you tell who is who?! I am constantly amazed when people say that they look so much alike because to me, they are completely different!

We also had our developmental nurse come this week, and assessed our babes. They are growing! Here are their stats:

Weight: 17.4 lbs
Height: 25.5 in
Head: 42.8 cm

Weight: 15 lbs 15 oz
Height: 26.5 in
Head: 44.2 cm

All in all, they are doing great! We hear more and more giggles every day, and LOVE their smiles and snuggles!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Big Girl Bella

On Saturday, we moved Bella into a big girl bed! Bella was so excited, and as you can tell, so were the other two! :) Sophie is also glad to have a crib of her own as well! Jace rolls out of his blankets in his sleep, so she often gets crowded. She can now sleep peacefully, and Jace can have as much room as he wants!

Kaley has found a new little buddy in Jace. She loves to "snuggle" him! She is a sweet big sister!