Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Sunday

We colored eggs Sunday morning - since our church isn't until 1, and we needed something quiet to do, this was the ticket!  

My beautiful Young Women!
Our growing family!  How do they all look so grown up to me?!

I get this face a lot when taking pictures. ;)

I asked Thomas to take a picture of me too in my new Easter dress.  :)

Egg Hunt in Sandy

After the BYU scrimmage, we headed up to Sandy to celebrate with Putnams.  We had an egg hunt too!

Grandkids with the best aunts ever!
Papa and Grandma with great grandkids - missing Izzy :)
I just love the apricot blossoms!  Can you spot a golden egg?

Searching for that golden egg!

We ate dinner and then the girls headed off to the Women's Broadcast!  So fun to have Bella join us this year!