Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Ah, this week.  I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday!  I get to go on a field trip with Kaley's class to the Zoo!  I am worried we will have bad weather, but all the more fun I guess!

I am thankful for such good friends.  I really have the best friends here!  We had a baby shower tonight for one of our girls.  We sat around eating yummy food and talking for hours.  It was perfect!  I just my girls!  

I am thankful for *some* Spring-like days.  They have been pretty few and far between, but enough to get out.  Today I rollerbladed while the kids rode bikes to pick up Kaley from school.  SO nice!  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

 The morning started at 6:30 am.  The kids saw the eggs hidden downstairs, and you would have thought it was Christmas!  They were so excited.  We made them eat breakfast first, but the whole time they were shouting out where they saw eggs hidden.  
 The Easter Bunny leaves a clue for them to figure out where their basket is hidden.  Here they are listening to their clues.
 Bella's was in the dryer.

 Thomas' was in the shed on the lawnmower.

 Kaley's was on her bike handles in the garage.

 The twins' was in their favorite cupboard.

 Then they found all the eggs.

 Kaley is finding the last Easter present....TANGLED!  She squealed when she found it!
 Eating a little of the candy.
 These pictures of all five of them crack me up!  I love all their faces!

 Too busy to look up.
 Jace and Sophie were thrilled with treats in their eggs!  They learned how to open them up on their own in a real hurry!

 Beware: These may be the cutest kids you have ever seen!  I snapped a few pre-church pictures of the kids in their Easter best.  I made these skirts for the girls, remember.  I also made their head bands.  I am so proud!  

 Smelling the pretty "flow-ow"s.

 These two never seem to be on the same page when I take pictures of them.  I had to put them all on the blog, so you can see what I try to take pictures of.  :)  They do make me smile!
 Sophie's shoe is bugging her...hence the "shoe" face.

 Sophie is pointing at my nose.
 Sophie's head band is starting to bug her too....Jace sees a neighbor friend.
 Maybe the best one I got.  
 There were a few more of these, but I chose my favorites.  :)  Man, I am one lucky Momma!  

 Aw, my boys.  I am going to print a big one of these for the boys' room.  

 And my girls... I will need a big one of these for their room too.  :)

 They wanted a picture of them standing and holding hands.  Whatever.
 So cute, if Bells didn't look drunk in both.  :)  

 After church, it was up to Sandy to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

 Uncle Drew was being master rat killer.  My parents' back door neighbors have a rat problem, and Drew has become the exterminator.  :)
 Having an egg hunt.

 One of the fearless, dumb creatures.
 Drew hid a golden egg for each of the kids.

 Sophie and Jace are obsessed with dogs.  Sophie loves them!  
 She is so excited, it looks like she is barking back at the dog.  :)
 This guy never holds still for a picture!

 Bella siddled right up to Grandma Del and started talking her ear off!  
 Grandma gave the twins new "snuggles."  Their ones that they have had since birth are looking a little ragged.  

 Needless to say, they LOVE them!  
 Snuggling on the car ride home.  Sweet Babes!
Thanks for the Easter Sunday gathering!  We had so much fun!  

If you haven't seen them already, you will have to hit "older posts" down at the bottom, so that you can see all the fun we have had this weekend!  I did a post for each day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  :)  

Happy Easter!