Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kids. :)

This past weekend, Josh and I got away to celebrate our 9th Anniversary.  We stayed at a cute bed and breakfast in Provo.  We ate out, slept in, shopped, talked, went to the Temple, and had fun.  Lyss watched our kids for us.  Shout out to Lyss!  Thank you thank you!  While shopping, we visited the Children's Place outlet store.  I found these cute sweaters for $2.99 each!!!  AND I had a 15% off coupon too!  I bought each kid a new sweater, a new sweatshirt, new cozy pants, and jackets for the boys for under $50!!!!  They were thrilled our finds!  Don't they look awesome?!

The last of Basketball Season

These younger three have never had so much "screen" time!  I let them play with their friends for the first half of the hour, then I needed them sitting still by me, so I could watch the game part of the hour.  

 It is hilarious to watch/listen to these two play cards.  They have seen me play cards with Kaley or Thomas for homework.  We play speed and the highest number wins, or whoever can add them up the fastest... etc.  Well, when Jace and Soph play, the winner of the two cards is whoever comes up with the "new rule" the fastest.  :)  Sophie can talk her way into winning most hands.  :)

It was super awesome to have Dad coach this season!  We only had one or two conflicts with Scouts, so it worked out nicely!  I loved watching both kids play at the same time!  :)

President's Day

On President's Day we headed up to Scheels to have some fun.  

 We thought it was fitting to take a picture with Abe outside the store since it was President's Day.  This one's for you Olson!  ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Perfect Day for an Adventure

We made Saturday an adventure day!  We took Frontrunner up to Layton to meet Grandpa and Grandma.  It was a fun ride!

Grandma and Grandpa picked us up from the train stop and we went to their house to play for a bit.  We played bubbles...

 We ate lunch and had cookies.

 We played with Grandpa's cool toys...

Then Grandpa and Grandma rode the train back down to our house with us.  

It was a nice sunny day!  Perfect day for an adventure!