Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last week was the last of Little Hoopsters for Kaley.  Here are a few pictures I took from her last 2 games.

 What form!  :)  She totally gets this from her Mom.  One of my friends in the ward calls me Bell, as in Tinkerbell, when I play basketball.  

 Sophie was sitting nicely on Dad's lap just singing and talking to him.  She was making us giggle.  

 Here's a few pictures from her game.
 This is her shooting.  I don't think this one went in, but this was the game she had her first basket!!!  :)
 Last game:  She was guarding her friend Kimball.  It seemed that he hadn't made a shot the whole season, so they kept passing it to him.  She played some good defense!  After she went out, Kimball did make a shot.  :)  

So there you have it!  The last of Basketball!  It was a ton of fun to watch these girls and boys play their hearts out.  Now we get a little break before T-Ball/Softball starts.  :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

President's Day Weekend

This past weekend, we headed up to Jerome to visit Papa and Grandma.  We had a lot of fun!  It was nice to just hang out and play with cousins!  

Josh isn't the only one that enjoys his new iPad.  The kids love playing games on it too.  It looks like Thomas is playing a puzzle game.  Jace is his good little buddy, so naturally he is right by him.  

 Sophie watched Papa and Grandma get some more firewood from outside.  The kitties were also outside to watch.  :)
 Grandma's house has SO many fun toys!  

 These two really are the sweetest cousins!  Kaley and McCall were nearly inseparable this trip.  They helped Grammie make brownies one day.  Here they are sharing the spoon and bowl.  

 We also brought out Wii up for people to play.  Here's a couple of Bells having a turn.  
 Here's Thomas finishing the last of the brownie batter.  :)  

 It is really quite the feat to have all 5 kids dressed up on Sundays.  Even on a trip!  I was amazed that every one ended up with tights, socks, shoes, and ties.  :)  

 One of my favorite things about the Ranch House is that there are always cousins around.  :)  Sunday night was gathering time and we had a lot of fun visiting, wrestling, and running around.  
Here's Brennen teasing Andy.
 Adam and Alex.
 Bella, McCall and Kaley  

 Another awesome thing is Papa's train!  After we had everything cleaned up on Monday, Josh ran the train for the kids.  

 Thomas was trying to switch the tracks, but didn't make it fast enough, so here's the de-railment.  :)  

 These pictures are so precious to me.  I can't believe how big the kids are getting!  We took a picture with Papa and Grandma right before we left on Monday.  I just love all their excited faces!  They had so much fun!!!  Thank you SO much to Papa and Grandma for hosting our family this weekend!  We just love you!!!

One last one of Call and Kaley.  I hope these two stay BFFs forever.